A disgruntled former CIA operative hoping to hurt President Bush was likely Newsweek’s source on the fake Quran-in-the-toilet story, says geopolitical expert Jack Wheeler, and his action now means journalists will no longer trust the ex-Langley agents forced out by chief Porter Goss.

In a column on his intelligence website, To the Point, Wheeler writes of this “silver lining” to the Newsweek story penned by reporter Michael Isikoff.

Says Wheeler: “It looks like Isikoff was suckered. It’s not easy to do this. Isikoff is a very savvy guy who would never use a questionable source for such a story. He had to be convinced his source was solid. Yet it turns out the story was a lie – and Isikoff’s source knew it.

“So who was Isikoff’s source for QuranToilet, and why did he lie?

“We don’t know his name, but it’s pretty sure he’s a CIA Rogue Weasel.”

Wheeler explains the “CIA Rogue Weasels,” whom he has written about before, are agency officials “so far on the left they would embarrass Teddy Kennedy.” Since taking over at the CIA’s Langley headquarters, Director Goss “has fired or pushed to quit scores of them,” Wheeler notes.

“The Weasels hate Bush and want him to fail,” writes Wheeler. “One of them, now ex-CIA, desirous of damaging Bush’s progress with democratizing the Muslim world, who could plausibly claim access to classified information about interrogation at Gitmo and whom Isikoff had used as a source before, foisted QuranToilet on Isikoff.

“So where’s the silver lining? It’s that the Weasels have poisoned their well. No reputable journalist is going to believe any of them from now on. Isikoff will never publicly disclose his source’s identity, but all his colleagues in the MSM world know how he got burned.”

Concludes Wheeler: “The left has damaged one of their most powerful ways to influence the media: Langley lefties whispering super-secret tips into journalists’ ears. The Weasels are going to have a lot harder time peddling anti-Bush, anti-America lies. That’s a silver lining worth a riot in Pakistan.”

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