I read with interest the article “TWA 800’s ‘Deep Throat'” by Jack Cashill.

As one of the core members of FIRO (Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization, which “imploded” earlier this year) I was one of only about a dozen spectators in the courtroom the day that James and Elizabeth Sanders were sentenced. The prosecutors even brought a few law students in with them. We were blessed with relief when Judge Seybert took the sensible approach, and made the sentence so light that the prosecutor’s jaw dropped. (Although, a more sensible approach would’ve been to dismiss the case entirely.)

One little fact went unreported by the “mainstream” news media. The reason it went unreported is because no members of the media showed up at the hearing! One local New York City camera crew showed up outside the courthouse, after the hearing was over. It was obvious, though, that they only wanted the “emotion” of the story, and not the facts about why the Sanders couple heroically stood up against the government. And, at our FIRO news conference later that same day, only one local newspaper reporter showed up – his story was never published. That was the day that we “showed the world” the radar analysis of the debris leaving Flight 800 at Mach 2.

Here is the fact that went unreported for several years. In the courtroom, I walked up to the federal prosecutor, and asked what statute had been violated. The prosecutor replied, with a deadpan voice, “There really is no statute.” This quote should have sent shock waves around the journalistic world!

James and Elizabeth Sanders are two of the nicest, most sincere people that I have ever met. The news media should have regarded them as heroes, and should have established a “legal defense fund” for them – because what happened to them could happen to any other reporter, unless that reporter is safely in bed with the government.

When she was with Fox News, reporter and anchor Rita Cosby told me over a period of a couple of years that she would include me in any follow-up stories about Flight 800. But, despite many phone calls and e-mails back and forth, it appears that her superiors at Fox put the nix on any stories that discussed things like the shrapnel found in the bodies, or the analysis of the government’s “dog story.” Will things be any better at her new network, MSNBC? Time will tell, as the ninth anniversary of the crash approaches. My guess is that the government has put such fear into all news media (with a few exceptions, such as WorldNetDaily) so that the truth of Flight 800 might never be revealed.

Jack Cashill’s comparison of the “mainstream” media’s treatment of whistleblowers … was definitely on target … Kudos to the courage of James and Elizabeth Sanders, Jack Cashill, Joseph Farah, and the WND Team!

Tom Kovach

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