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Terri Schiavo's belated vindication

For those who loved her, the release of the official autopsy of Terri Schindler Schiavo, brought little comfort, but significant vindication.

Of course, as was all too predictable, the mainstream press completely misrepresented the findings, sided with the adulterer formerly known as her husband, and proclaimed shame upon Terri’s family.

Mitch Stacy wrote for the Associated Press:

All along, Michael Schiavo said his brain-damaged wife’s situation was hopeless – that she had zero chance of emerging from her persistent vegetative state.

On Wednesday, the autopsy backed him up.

Medical examiners determined that Terri Schiavo suffered irreversible brain damage and even blindness, and they found no evidence she was strangled or otherwise abused before she collapsed …

The meme that Stacy continued to spout throughout the day on Thursday was in perfect lockstep with George Felos, the attorney who represented Michael Schiavo, as he systematically sought permission from judges in Florida to put his wife to death legally.

George Felos, attorney for Michael Schiavo, said the findings back up their contentions, made ”for years and years,” that Terri Schiavo had no hope of recovery. He said Michael Schiavo plans to release autopsy photos of her shrunken brain.

”Mr. Schiavo has received so much criticism throughout this case that I’m certain there’s a part of him that was pleased to hear these results and the hard science behind them,” Felos said.

The sad part of all of this early spin-doctoring did very little to bring clarity to the picture of what really happened with Terri, and her potential outcome could be.

Terri’s family released their own findings from observation of the official autopsy results. None of which were even acknowledged by the mainstream press, much less refuted successfully by George Felos and Michael Schiavo.

The family maintained:

  1. The report confirmed her condition and disability. (It did not make the claim that Terri was terminal or in any way in danger of becoming terminal.) The report confirmed that Terri was brain damaged and not brain dead, it also indicated Terri could have lived another 10 years or longer with basic care.

  2. The autopsy did not reveal anything regarding “Terri’s choice” to be dehydrated to death.

  3. The autopsy made it clear that dehydration was Terri’s cause of death and not her brain injuries.

  4. The autopsy confirmed that Terri’s heart was strong and working well.

  5. The autopsy ruled out bulimia and massive heart attack as the cause for Terri’s injury. (It did nothing to account for the 70-minute gap from when Terri originally collapsed and when Michael originally called for help.)

  6. With bulimia ruled out, according to the autopsy results, the case for Michael’s malpractice suit has been completely undermined. (The parents believe that Michael should return the monies won on this claim.)

  7. The autopsy showed that Terri’s struggle to swallow was not from a permanent vegetative state, but from muscle atrophy. (Of course, being denied 12 years of therapy might have had something to do with that atrophy.

  8. The autopsy showed that persistent vegetative state is a clinical diagnosis made on a living individual and a medical examiner can not make this determination by examining a corpse.

  9. The autopsy stated that Terri was given morphine for pain. This ran in contrast to the claims that Mr. Felos made consistently that Terri would experience no pain or discomfort.

So what did happen the night of Terri’s collapse? Should Michael be sued by the doctors who took the hit for malpractice based the faulty bulimia claim? Will he ever even allow Terri’s family to know where her ashes are buried?

It was sad to see the liberals in society cheer on a husband who had a court-sanctioned death wish for his lawfully wedded wife.

It is sadder still to see – even in the loss and blow to the family who truly loved Terri until the end – the arrogance of those who got their way in the matter have to gloat like spoiled children.

The press continuing to spout the Michael Schiavo line in the matter has only confirmed the worst of what they have come to represent.

This Godless age is frightening. We have lost respect for all that is true, good and just. And now those who seek injustice get championed by the voices that should be defending the downtrodden and outcast.

Even in death, Terri’s story of injustice screams with injustice. The question is: Will anybody be listening?