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'Fat slob' mocks Paris Hilton ad

Paris Hilton ad sparks imitation

Suds soak the sauntering, scantily clad model, showering water is hosed over a car, glamorous jewelry is flashed and a juicy hamburger is being devoured to the tune “I love Paris.”

Think you’ve seen this ad? Think again.

Fat male model emulates Paris Hilton in new ad

Less than a month after Paris Hilton created a national beef over a sexy commercial for fast-food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, a new ad with a lot more “weight” has been created making fun of the original.

Accolo, Inc., a recruitment company based in Larkspur, Calif., is responsible for the spot, which follows the same storyline as the ad for the restaurants, with one super-sized exception.

Playing the role of Hilton is what some would plainly call a “fat slob.”

Super-sized version of Paris Hilton

Dressed in a belly-revealing, black swimsuit similar to the one adorned by Paris, the chubby, bearded male model struts, sways and slithers in the same manner that critics of the Paris Hilton version termed “soft-core porn.”

The commercial concludes with the written tagline: “Hiring the right person makes all the difference, rethink recruiting,” before the Accolo name and website address are displayed.

“Fabulous!” writes B.L. Ochman in an online messageboard. “All he’s missing is tattoos.”

But not everyone is raving.

Upon seeing the new spoof, one observer told WorldNetDaily, “It’s revolting.”

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