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Lesbian declared 'psychological parent'

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has removed custody from the maternal grandparents of a child in favor of the lesbian lover of the child’s deceased mother.

According to a statement from the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy, the court declared Friday the lesbian partner the “psychological parent” of the child, who is referred to only as Z.B.S.

The case arose when Tina B. fell asleep at the wheel on the drive home from an all- night party at a “gay” bar in Charleston, W.Va., and she crashed head-on into oncoming traffic, killing her lesbian partner, Christina S.

While custody initially was given to Christina’s parents, a two-parent family that raised five children, the court’s decision gave custody to Tina.

According to the law center’s statement, the child was fathered by Tina’s half-brother, a convicted felon who worked for Tina and agreed to have sex with Christina to provide a child for the same-sex couple.

” This court has once again demonstrated the lethal effects of judicial activism on the nuclear family, which is the cornerstone of our civilization,” said Stephen M. Crampton, chief counsel for the AFA Center for Law & Policy, which authored a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of two legislators in the case. “While the court pretended to limit itself to interpreting the laws passed by the Legislature, in reality it made law and acted as a superlegislature.

“West Virginia’s creation of a new ‘right’ for a same-sex partner to obtain custody of her deceased lover’s child without any written agreement, a will or any attempt at adoption is but a stepping stone to recognition of same-sex marriage.”