While other Christian ministers are treading lightly with regard to the confrontation posed by Muslims, an Ohio pastor says he believes America was founded to see Islam destroyed.

In “Silent No More,” Rod Parsley, who pastors World Harvest Church in Columbus, a city with a significant Muslim population, characterizes Islam as a “false religion” that “is responsible for more pain, more bloodshed and more devastation than nearly any other force on earth.”

“I look to the horrors of Sudan, and I find slavery, massacre and traumatic human upheaval of the sort that even beleaguered Africa has seldom seen,” writes Parsley. “Unless Islam is checked from without and reformed, at the least, from within, it will become a force that shapes the future of the world as much as any other on earth.”

Reflecting on the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, Parsley says it’s not true to say that the day was the dawning of a “brand new world.”

“Rather, what happened was that has been raging for centuries merely crashed into our lives,” he says. “A war that has raged in nations around the world merely exploded onto our Western landscape – the war between Islam and Christian civilization.”

Parsley’s book deals with much more than the confrontation with Islam. It’s a manifesto on hot-button issues from race relations to homosexuality to abortion to poverty.

Race relations and poverty? Aren’t those issues generally associated with “liberals”? Yes, explains Parsley, who adds that the critical moral issues facing America don’t belong exclusively to either political party or the old-fashioned stereotypical ideological breakdowns.

“I told an audience of 1,000 pastors we hosted recently that I’m not a Republican or a Democrat – I’m a Christ-ocrat,” he said. “I want to commend issues to the political left that typically belong to the right and vice versa. What I’m promoting, essentially, is biblical morality, and that’s neither conservative nor liberal.”

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