Ed Klein, author of the explosive new book “The Truth About Hillary,” said in an interview the senator threatened the mainstream television networks over the book, saying she would no longer appear on any TV outlet that hosted Klein.

In an interview with John Hawkins, who runs the blog RightWingNews.com, Klein stated:

“Because of my book, Hillary and her war machine have called every major television network in the United States and suggested to them that if they have Ed Klein on to discuss his book, they can forget about Hillary being a guest on their network.

“As a result, the entire mainstream media – NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC – have blanked me out. This is my fifth best seller in a row. I’ve been on all of those networks for all my books up till this one book. I’ve been a constant guest on the ‘Today’ show, the ‘Good Morning America’ show, you know, the Chris Matthews show, etc. Suddenly I’m anathema, and the reason I am is because the Clintons, Hillary in particular, have threatened all these mainstream media outlets.”

Klein’s book takes a scathing look at the New York senator’s lifelong ambitions, claiming she was making plans to succeed her husband in the Oval Office at the beginning of their marriage.

States promotional material for the book: “As Hillary gears up to run for president in 2008, distinguished journalist Edward Klein has produced an expos? of her darkest secrets that just might do to her presidential ambitions what the Swift Boat Veterans’ “Unfit for Command” did to John Kerry’s.”

In the interview, Klein dismissed charges his book is nothing but unsubstantiated, titillating hearsay.

Said Klein: “This is a serious book about a serious subject, which is Hillary Clinton’s quest for the presidency; and it’s by a serious author, me. I’m a serious guy. I’m not a right-wing person; I’m not a left wing person. I’m certainly not a liberal.

“I’m a journalist and a biographer, and this book is a character study – a character study of a woman who has a very good chance of becoming our next president and who I think would make a very bad president.”

Klein was asked why Hillary stays married to Bill in light of his history of infidelity.

“Hillary does not seem to have a great deal of interest in sex, whether it’s with men or women,” Klein said. “She seems to be on the asexual side. Her interests seem to be power, not sex, and I don’t think she cares that much if Bill ‘cheats on her’ as long as it doesn’t become public. When it becomes public, then it becomes not something she is pained about personally, but she’s embarrassed about politically because it undermines her political power. That’s why she cares about it at all.”

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