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One of the most explosive news stories of the summer – the controversial forced removal of thousands of Jewish residents from Gaza planned for August, and the likely creation of a Hamas-run terror state in its wake – is the focus of the newest edition of WND’s monthly Whistleblower magazine.

Titled “ISRAEL BETRAYED?,” this groundbreaking issue comprehensively documents, as virtually no other media organization has done, the ominous – many say dire – implications of the Israeli government’s planned summer campaign, which is already ripping apart the Jewish state.

The government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, without any concessions or even promises in return from Palestinian leaders, is preparing next month to expel 8,000 to 10,000 Israelis – by force if necessary – currently living in Gaza. The action is intended, say the Israeli and U.S. governments, to facilitate the ultimate creation of a Palestinian state, and to make Israel and Israelis more easily defendable.

But as former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Whistleblower, the unintended result of retreating from Gaza will more realistically be to embolden terrorists to “continue their tactics until the completion of their ultimate goal: the destruction of Israel.”

In fact, a confidential Hamas memo written by Dr. Mahmoud al-Zahar, Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, and obtained last summer by WorldNetDaily, reveals that the terror group views Sharon’s unilateral withdrawal as a capitulation to terror and is planning to continue its “armed struggle” against the Jewish state until “all territories” are in Palestinian hands.

Police arrest anti-withdrawal activist in Jerusalem (WND photo)

“The withdrawal, if it is implemented, is an important achievement by the Palestinian people, its intifada and armed struggle, its determination and great sacrifice, and confirms the willingness, correctness and usefulness of employing an armed struggle and its ability to attain political objectives,” wrote al-Zahar.

Thus, writes Mideast expert and former Sharon admirer Daniel Pipes in this issue of Whistleblower: “Sharon betrayed the voters who supported him, wounding Israeli democracy. He divided Israeli society in ways that may poison the body politic for decades hence. He aborted his own successful policies vis-?-vis the Palestinians. He delivered Palestinian, Arab and Muslim rejectionists their greatest boost ever. And he failed his American ally by delivering a major victory to the forces of terrorism.”

Boys block Jerusalem traffic in nationwide protest (WND photo)

Highlights of “ISRAEL BETRAYED?” include:

“In this special Whistleblower issue will be found the keys to a deeper understanding of the larger Middle East conflict,” says Farah. “No other news organization I know of will give you this insider look at what’s really happening to the Jewish state – or the enormous stakes involved. Gaza is only the beginning – the entire state of Israel is in real danger. This summer will be pivotal.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: “ISRAEL BETRAYED?” is Whistleblower’s July 2005 issue. The previous issue “WHO LIVES? WHO DIES?” is dated May 2005. There is no issue dated “June 2005.” This change in how Whistleblower issues are dated is meant to help ensure Whistleblower’s timely delivery. All subscribers will, of course, still receive 12 issues of Whistleblower.

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