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Poll: Americans oppose
Gaza withdrawal

A new U.S. poll found 63 percent of Americans oppose Israel’s plan to evacuate Jewish settlements in Gaza and 80 percent oppose U.S. aid to Palestinians.

By a margin of two to one, Americans believe the Gaza plan rewards terrorism, according to the June 26-27 survey by McLaughlin & Associates, a major national polling company. The poll was commissioned by the Zionist Organization of America, or ZOA.

ZOA President Morton A. Klein said the poll exposes the “myth” that Americans support the withdrawal plan.

“Americans realize that it’s a bad deal for Israel to make these major concessions without getting anything in return,” he said. “They also understand that this rewards the Hamas and Fatah suicide bombing terrorists whose counterparts are killing Americans every day in Iraq.”

Klein said the plan also harms the U.S. war against radical Islamic terrorism by sending a message that “terrorism pays and pays well.”

The survey found that 61 percent of Americans oppose dealing with even elected or appointed Hamas members.

By a margin of three to one, Americans believe a Palestinian state’s goal would be the destruction of Israel; by a margin of more than two to one they believe a Palestinian state would be a terrorist state; and by a margin of 10 to one they do not believe Saudi Arabia is a reliable ally in the U.S. war against radical Islamic terrorism.

Sixty-three percent support Jerusalem remaining under Israeli sovereignty, and 58 percent support economic sanctions against Saudi Arabia.

The poll findings:

  • By 63 percent to 16 percent, Americans oppose “Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from a section of Gaza and Northern Samaria” and “forcing 10,000 Israeli Jews from their homes and businesses.”

  • By 50 percent to 28 percent, Americans believe that “this Gaza plan sends a message that Arab terrorism is being rewarded.”

  • By 63 percent to 5 percent, Americans say that “Jerusalem should remain under Israeli sovereignty – not Palestinian sovereignty.”

  • By 80 percent to 12 percent, Americans oppose “the continuation of $350 million in U.S. aid to Palestinian Arabs.”

  • By 58 percent to 21 percent, Americans believe “the goal of a Palestinian Arab State would be to destroy Israel – not to live in peace with it.”

  • By 53 percent to 21 percent, Americans believe “a Palestinian state would be a terrorist state – not a peaceful democracy.”

  • By 61 percent to 28 percent, Americans believe that “if Hamas members are elected or appointed to official positions in the Palestinian Arab government, U.S. officials should not meet or negotiate with them.”

  • By 78 percent to 8 percent, Americans say that “Saudi Arabia is not a reliable or trustworthy ally in the war against radical Islamic terrorism.”

  • By 58 percent to 28 percent, Americans support “economic sanctions against Saudi Arabia until they stop supporting and funding terrorists and radical Islamic education that teaches hatred against the U.S. and Israel.”

  • Klein said he hopes President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice “will soon see the danger to America in this plan.”

    “Palestinian chief Abbas’ recent invitation to terror chiefs to move from Syria to Gaza after Israel leaves should alone end all discussion of the wisdom of this evacuation plan by Israel,” he said. “When Israel leaves Gaza, the Arab terrorists will surely take over.”

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