I have been receiving phone calls today from credible Iranians around the world who are saying that the mullahs and their hired thugs are beating and arresting activist dissidents who are outside Evan Prison protesting for the release of Akbar Ganji, who has been on a hunger strike for the last month.

Ganji has gained international attention, not only because of his hunger strike, but also for his series of reports investigating the murders of several prominent dissidents and intellectuals. The mullahs imprisoned Ganji to silence him. His writing was very effective in showing the black hand of the mullahs whom he directly accused of being willing to kill opponents so they could stay in power.

Yesterday, Massoumeh Shafii, Ganji’s wife, visited him in prison. She said he has lost considerable weight and is getting progressively weaker by the day. He is subsisting on water and sugar cubes.

In 2001, Ganji was initially sentenced to 10 years in prison. The sentence was reduced to six years on appeal. Ganji was temporarily released in May. But then he gave a statement to Radio Farda attacking the mullahs. For this, he was brought back to prison. His wife is not sure he will ever be released if he continues to criticize the mullahs and their corrupt regime. Dissident voices are not readily tolerated these days in Iran.

What’s going on? With the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president in Iran, the mullahs are moving in a more radical direction. And we are again hearing rumblings that the mullahs are about to resume uranium enrichment activities.

The bombing in London has already been traced to al-Qaida operatives. Looking at the modus operandi of the bombing attack, the resemblance to the attacks in Spain are obvious. Moreover, the style of the attack looks like a Hezbollah-style suicide-bombing mission. The only difference is that the trains in Spain and London are not watched by anti-terrorism units, as are the buses in Jerusalem. Had the subways in London been heavily watched, suicide bombers rather than backpacks with timers would have been required.

Terrorism worldwide will not stop as long as the mullahs remain in power. Regardless what the mullahs say, they have in place a clandestine nuclear weapons program. Regardless how many public-relations lies the mullahs publish, they are funding insurgents to cross their border and the Syrian border to disrupt the progress of democracy in Iraq. The mullahs still believe they can win the 1980’s war they waged against Iraq and they are very appreciative that the United States has removed Saddam Hussein for them.

Iran funds terrorism worldwide. The master terrorists of the world work like cooperating mafias, not separate organizations. Read pages 240-241 of the 9-11 commission report. There you will find documented how Hezbollah and al-Qaida worked hand-in-hand to bring the 9-11 muscle terrorists into the United States through Iran.

Like it or not, the mullahs have declared war on the United States and on Israel. What will it take to wake us up to this reality?

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