President Bush has now voiced support for Akbar Ganji, the imprisoned journalist in Iran who is continuing his month-long hunger strike in protest of the oppressive mullahs and their corrupt government.

The president called upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to release Ganji immediately. He also called on the United Nations to take up Ganji’s case as well as to look into the overall human-rights situation in Iran.

This is an important development. While completing the Iran Freedom Walk in March, the office of the president assured us Bush would take a personal interest in the plight of dissidents in Iran who were speaking out for freedom. The president’s statement yesterday carries forward the promise he made in his Second Inaugural – to stand with those who are fighting for their own freedom.

By speaking out, Bush has made the position of the United States clear – the mullahs continue to oppress the human rights of their own people, a clear indication that the criminal regime is a danger that demands international attention.

Also yesterday, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld alleged that the terrorists who bombed the shopping mall in Israel that killed four and injured dozens more in Netanya were supported by Tehran. This was the first suicide bombing attack within Israel for four an a half months.

This new suicide bombing attack is alarming because it may well signal a resumption of the types of terrorist attacks Israel and the United States had hoped would stop. The terrorists are again demonstrating a desire to undermine any progress that might be made with the Palestinian Authority toward peace. What the terrorists seek is the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel; we should have no doubt about their ultimate goal.

Rumsfeld made clear the administration’s conclusion that Iran has been assisting Hezbollah move people and equipment through Damascus into Beruit, into positions where they can continue to launch attacks against Israel.

Hezbollah was created by the Iranian mullahs who continue to be the leading exporters of terrorism worldwide. As we demonstrated in “Atomic Iran,” the mullahs have already declared war against the United States and Israel. With the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran has signaled a clear move in a more radical direction. Now the mullahs are also giving off signals that they intend to change their nuclear negotiating team and are once again considering the resumption of uranium enrichment.

Sooner or later, the world will have to realize that Iran remains at the center of funding and promoting terrorism. With over $200 million a day in windfall oil profits, the mullahs are enriching themselves at the expense of the Iranian people. With this much free cash, the mullahs can buy public-relations firms all around the world to advise them how to appear peaceful to the world.

The comments of the president and the secretary of defense yesterday make clear that the administration has continued to keep a steady eye on the mullahs. If Ahmadinejad, the new order-boy of the mullahs, does change nuclear negotiators, watch out. Iran has never stopped their secret weapons program. An atomic 9-11 unleashed either upon Tel Aviv or a major U.S. city remains their goal.

With the mullahs in power, we should all feel insecure. Lying is nothing new to the mullahs – neither is supporting terrorism worldwide.

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