Roger Smarch of Teslin, Canada, shows off track where mysterious creature was spotted (courtesy: CBC)

The legendary creature “Bigfoot” has been spotted again, this time in Canada, where nine people in the Yukon community of Teslin claim to have seen the legendary creature.

According to the CBC, the witnesses, some of whom are children, saw the hairy, human-like creature pass in front of a house window, and then later behind an abandoned car near some houses last weekend.

Those who claim to have seen Bigfoot, which is also known as a sasquatch, said they heard trees snapping and creaking despite the lack of wind at the time. They say the figure was running too quickly for them to keep up with it.

“He ran through the backyard, and that’s when I seen him,” said one man who was on his porch at the time. “You could see a big, black thing go by, and you couldn’t see no head or nothing. So, I figured it was somebody messing around.”

“We weren’t gonna tell anybody at first ’cause we thought everybody was gonna look at us and say we’re all snakin’ out or we’re crazy,” said another eyewitness. “It wasn’t too much fun explaining it at first, but once everybody starts believing us, it’s not so bad. They wanted to see the track, they wanted to see the pictures, they wanted to see the hair and stuff like that. … I wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark, back alley or anything like that. Geez, it stands over ten feet tall, [it would] probably tear my head off or something.”

The men said some evidence was left, including a footprint about twice the size of a human print, and a patch of hair which has already been sent to a conservation officer in Whitehorse for possible DNA review.

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