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A vast wave of miracles is heading toward us from overseas, and soon God will be expecting us timid, half-hearted Americans to start doing them. So I’m writing to give you some feel for what that’s like.

All of what follows is from the Aug 27, 2003, newsletter of Rolland Baker. He and his wife, Heidi, are everyone’s idea of the model missionaries: humble, caring, scholarly, tirelessly evangelizing, and planting 5,000 house churches throughout poverty-stricken Mozambique and all across Africa while feeding 2,000 orphans (though viciously persecuted and perpetually underfunded).

In the morning we gather again … people all around are drawn to this intense focal point of festivity and worship. What kind of God is this, and what will He do?

Before the message we pray for the sick, and begin laying our hands on the crowd up front at our crude dirt altar. A mother brings her little boy forward. He’s 4 years old, but his legs are thin and curled up, useless for walking. His mother says he has never walked in his life. His father is standing back, watching. We set him down on the floor and Heidi, Surpresa and the rest of us begin praying our hearts out. Minute after minute goes by as our prayers get more and more intense. We are holding the boy’s hands. Then strength quickly pours into his body. His legs extend and now he can stand, a bit wobbly as we hold his hands. Since he has never walked, he has little sense of balance.

But now he can stand by himself! And he is terrified! His mother has always held him close, but now she is backing away and leaving him! He takes some faltering steps. A whole crowd is surrounding him, watching him, loudly praying and shouting, and no one will hold him! He begins crying. Tears run down his cheeks. He has never been alone like this. Now everyone is jumping with excitement and pressing forward to see. Still, everyone keeps away from the boy, wanting him to take more steps and show he can walk! And he does … slowly, and then a little more steadily.

We can hear his father, who is crying, and tears are coming down his face, too. “My boy can walk! My boy can walk! Do you see? That’s my boy!” … Jesus has done a miracle. That family will be changed forever. Later the boy is much stronger, quickly making up for lost time on those legs! …

One by one Jesus touches the poor. Step by step this revival advances across Mozambique and Africa. Are there many who do not get healed? Yes. Does everyone respond to healings with profound repentance and spiritual desperation? No. Are we able to instill maturity and selflessness throughout a crowd in three days? Only to some extent. …

Here in Mozambique we are just a small band of ordinary Christians sitting in the dirt trying to love people the best we can with what God has given us. Are we going too fast? Are we going too slow? Do we know how to disciple everyone? Are we delivering the whole counsel of God? Can we keep everyone from greed and jealousy when we help with food, clothes, money and other resources? Do we have our numbers right? Do we have adequate organization, communication and records? Do we have just the right curriculum for our Bible schools, relevant and effective? Do we have enough logistical and staff support to back up our visions? Do our methods work? These questions press down on us all the time.

We are just jars of clay. We are overwhelmed by the demands made on us. We don’t have answers for everything. We are not experts on world evangelism and revival. We constantly make mistakes and fall short. We are confronted by the limits of our compassion daily. We are pained by our small faith and hearts. …

Our focus is learning how Jesus wants us to relate to Him. One thing we must have: His presence, His companionship, His voice, His heart – intimacy with Him! We thrive only if we have His emotions, without which all our theological understanding is pointless. He is love, and we don’t even know Him unless we love our neighbor. We want to go through life with Him. …

You’ve just seen the humble faith that will conquer North America and Europe. This was just a sample. You can find more inspiration at the Bakers’ website.

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