The City Council of Gaza’s Gush Katif slate of Jewish communities may bring Israel to the International Court of Justice if forces carrying out next week’s evacuation of Jews from the area turn off essential utilities or close down medical clinics.

“We have instructed lawyers to study the possibility of bringing with the highest urgency a possible case against the State of Israel before the International Court of Justice at the Hague to have Israel provide its own population with the necessary utilities and humanitarian help, or at least to allow others let aid get through to the Jews of Gaza,” said a Katif council statement.

The statement continued, “The state of Israel has always been the first – and rightly so – to send aid after an international disaster. Now the people of Gush Katif are calling upon the international community to come to their rescue.”

Senior military officials last month told WND Israeli forces led by the Southern District Police Command will shut off utilities in the first few days of the August 17 evacuation to all area residents who refuse to leave on their own accord.

The officials said the “disengagement” plan includes instructions to stop all electricity, water, gas and telephone services in Gush Katif a few days after the withdrawal begins.

The officials also said Israel will use electronic equipment to block cell phone reception in the area, a technique used in Palestinian areas during army operations and utilized against tens of thousands of anti-evacuation protesters barricaded last month by police in a farming community.

“The plan is to make it nearly impossible for residents to sustain themselves in Gaza,” said a senior military official. “It’s also about making it psychologically uncomfortable.”

Senior police spokesman Avi Zelba refused to deny the police will cut off utilities during the withdrawal.

“I must stress when we start the disengagement, all policemen and soldiers removing settlers will be without any weapons, not even with sticks. However, we are going to use all means necessary to carry out the disengagement,” Zelba told WND.

Communities in Gush Katif do not have emergency generators or large water supplies, Katif spokeswoman Debbie Rosen said.

“A few houses have private generators that can last from a few hours to maybe a day,” Rosen told WND. “We don’t have anything beyond that.”

The Katif council is now urging residents to “stockpile water (whereby it should be noted that with no refrigerators functioning with an average temperature of about 99 the water can only be kept for about two days), diapers, baby formula, canned goods and candles.

“There has been an influx of about 10,000 ‘guests,’ including babies, into Gush Katif, who have joined the 9,500 local residents in their continuing battle against the destruction of Gush Katif and the creation of a terrorist state next to Israel. A humanitarian disaster is about to happen.”

The council is also calling upon the international community to send to Katif medical professionals, water, electric generators, and food supplies.

Katif spokeswoman Rachel Sapperstain told WND, “Jews of Europe went through a terrible ordeal, including starvation on the boats here, to get into Israel. Now we, Jewish residents of the Jewish state, might starve just to stay in Israel.”

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