John Babiarz

The effort to seize the vacation home of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is moving ahead toward the goal of a public vote in March.

That according to John Babiarz, chairman of the New Hampshire’s Libertarian Party, who appeared tonight on the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes” program.

“We have every intention of doing the proper petitioning and have the people of Plainfield make the decision,” Babiarz said. “We’re in the petition-gathering stage right now.”

Babiarz, a 2002 candidate for governor in the Granite State, stressed the seriousness of the issue in the wake of the high court’s recent ruling on eminent domain, giving governments the power to transfer private property from one private party to another. The decision ignited a firestorm of outrage across the political spectrum.

“Property rights are very important,” said Babiarz, who would like Breyer’s land to become a public park. “It’s got to go from talk to action. … I think the justices don’t realize the impact [of their decision].”

Justice Stephen Breyer

Justice Breyer, who owns 167 acres in the Connecticut River Valley in Plainfield, N.H., is the second Supreme Court justice to be targeted for property seizure.

Justice David Souter’s home is also in the crosshairs of a California entrepreneur who’s looking to build the “Lost Liberty Hotel” on Souter’s land in the town of Weare, N.H.

As WND exclusively reported this week, Breyer made news beyond eminent domain by saying not all rulings from America’s highest court are correct, admitting judges don’t have “some great special insight,” and he defended the practice of studying courts in foreign countries to help decide cases in the United States.

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