Online auction site eBay has pulled off the Web an ad for a baseball the seller claimed bore the face of anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, saying the ball was not properly authenticated.

As WorldNetDaily reported, the image on the ball looks like a sad face that could have been drawn with a typical magic marker.

Said eBay in explaining its action: “Due to a recent federal investigation into forgeries of autographs and certificates of authenticity, eBay will not permit any use of certificates of authenticity on its site issued by several authenticators. eBay requires that sellers identify who performed the COA, and that the company is not currently on our prohibited list.”

According to Sam Hill, a poster on, the eBay message was issued to those who try to bid on the ball.

“We were wondering how it is that this auction was canceled, and yet other auctions such as the ‘Virgin Mary On Toast’ were allowed to proceed.” Hill wrote. “I would be curious to see what proof eBay accepted that the toast was indeed an authentic likeness of the Virgin Mary. … Or is eBay more comfortable allowing the Virgin Mary to be mocked than Mother Sheehan?”

The baseball’s seller, based in Endicott, Md., states in his ad:

Commemorate Mother Sheehan’s Peace Mom Vigil against George W. Bush (who sent her son to die), his evil war for oil and Halliburton while he and other cruel, cold-hearted conservatives vacation safely in Texas by ordering this one-of-a-kind baseball.

Commemorate this crazy loon’s departure from the ditch along with all the other America-hating terrorist-defending squatters and main stream press as they head back to Berkeley and other liberal alcoves by ordering this one-of-a-kind baseball she has appeared in.

The California woman seeking a second meeting with President Bush in connection with her son’s Iraq War death has achieved national icon status among anti-war activists.

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