A new report on the activities of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, finds the edgy interest group doesn’t play religious favorites – it offends all major faiths with its advocacy techniques.

The report, “Holy Cows: How PETA Twists Religion to Push Animal ‘Rights,'” was released this week by the Center for Consumer Freedom, “a nonprofit coalition of restaurants, food companies, and consumers working together to promote personal responsibility and protect consumer choices,” the group’s website states.

According to a statement from the Center for Consumer Freedom, the report documents how PETA “hijacks religious rituals and institutions in an attempt to impose its stated philosophy of ‘total animal liberation.'”

The food-freedom organization says PETA has “assaulted” the scriptures and traditions of Roman Catholics, Protestant Christians, Jews, Mormons and Muslims. Along with examples of PETA campaigns, the report provides scriptural evidence refuting the animal-rights group’s assertion that vegetarianism is the only appropriate choice for people of faith.

“The world’s great religions are under attack by disrespectful PETA activists who twist scripture and history to suit their goals,” said David Martosko, director of research at the Center for Consumer Freedom. “The animal-rights movement has never shied away from offending people, but PETA should leave churches, synagogues and mosques out of its vegan Holy War.”

PETA has staff members that work specifically on religious issues and campaigns, and even has separate websites that push vegetarianism to the religious. Jesusveg.com claims true followers of Christ should “go vegetarian.”

States the site: “Remember: As we do to the least, so we do to Him.”

Other religion-related activities include sponsoring billboards with the message that a pig “died for your sins,” allegedly misrepresenting the teachings of the Mormon faith, and parading a statue of a cow dressed as the pope in front of Catholic churches.

Also, PETA’s “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign compared the victims of Nazi genocide with farm animals.

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