Shepard Smith

During Fox News coverage of Hurricane Katrina this afternoon, a man being interviewed by Shepard Smith dropped the F-word bomb on the reporter.

Smith, who was reporting from the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, noted that people were still drinking and gambling at video-game machines as the hurricane was approaching.

He interviewed one man who was walking his dogs.

“Why are you still here? I’m just curious,” said Smith.

“It’s none of your f—ing business,” was the response.

Smith, who anchors cable TV’s top-rated evening newscast, noted that was a good answer, having been broadcast on international television, and then added, “I’m watching two dogs drink out of a glass of ice water, and it’s none of my business why they’re still here, which it really isn’t.”

An anchor in the studio apologized for the remark’s broadcast.

As weather experts continued to give forecasts for potentially catastrophic damage, Smith stated, “There will be a lot of dead people in New Orleans if they’re right.”


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