Cindy Sheehan

After calling the terrorists in Iraq who killed her son “freedom fighters,” anti-Bush activist Cindy Sheehan now says other mothers of those slain in the conflict whose views oppose her own are “brainwashed.”

“I have been silent on the Gold Star Moms who still support [President Bush] and his war by saying that they deserve the right to their opinions because they are in as much pain as I am. I would challenge them, though, at this point to start thinking for themselves,” Sheehan said.

“How can these moms who still support George Bush and his insane war in Iraq want more innocent blood shed just because their sons or daughters have been killed? I don’t understand it,” Sheehan stated. “I am starting to lose a little compassion for them. I know they have been as brainwashed as the rest of America, but they know the pain and heartache and they should not wish it on another. However, I still feel their pain so acutely and pray for these ‘continue the murder and mayhem’ moms to see the light.”

“What an elitist, arrogant [remark],” Hallie Lord writes in an online messageboard. “The fact that some of us mothers vehemently disagree with you does not mean that we have been brainwashed. We are perfectly capable of thinking for ourselves and forming intelligent opinions about this war. … The more you belittle others the less likely they are to hear and respond to your message.”

“That’s just outright mean and cruel, and ignorant,” added Dan Kasun. “I hope the media picks up on this, as Americans may actually start to see how spiteful Cindy is, and therefore fully understand why her position is so incredibly wrong. That should help gain support for getting the job done right.”

Another poster states, “Sheehan is opening up the Pandora’s box here. She should look in the mirror before accusing others of being brainwashed. After this little tirade it is a free-for-all and no one is guilty of character assassination after her words.”

Yet, Sheehan does have those who agree with her about the brainwashing.

“Thank you for your courage and your clarity,” said Steve Hanrahan. “The brainwashed moms will have their epiphany and hopefully soon. The path of peace always prevails over evil.”

Sheehan came under fire last week after WorldNetDaily broke the story that she had called enemy terrorists “freedom fighters.”

“But now that we have decimated the country,” she said, “the borders are open, freedom fighters from other countries are going in, and they [American troops] have created more terrorism by going to an Islamic country, devastating the country and killing innocent people in that country.”

Sheehan continues to write about her daily activities in Crawford, Texas, saying she’s not un-American for vocalizing her opposition to the Iraq War.

“I am really sad that there are still people in America who think that someone exercising her freedom of speech is anti-American. People who say we don’t have the right to dissent are unpatriotic and un-American,” she said.

“I kind of feel sorry for George; holed up in his ranch. Not being able to go out unless he flies over in his helicopter. If he drove out of the ranch, he would have to see people who disagree with him.”

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