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Entire New Testament
on video!

Over 10 years in the making, the entire New Testament is now on video – word for word – and for a limited time, it is available from WorldNetDaily exclusively at a $120 discount!

The WatchWORD Bible New Testament is history’s first true “Video Book.” A remarkable new art form for the information age: You watch it, read it and hear it all at once.

The entire set normally sells for $299.99, but is available, for a limited time, from WorldNetDaily exclusively for only $179.99.

All 27 books of the New Testament are presented with dynamic text on screen, inspiring narration, thousands of scenes, special effects, original music and sound effects. The WatchWORD Bible is compelling to watch – a chapter a day or more! Instant chapter selection on DVD plus amazing quality. God’s Word leaps from the printed page to your television and computer!

Watch it for personal and family devotions, while exercising, to fill your children’s minds with God’s Word, with seniors, the disabled, in churches, schools, Bible studies, in reading programs and for learning English as a second language, just to name a few uses for this powerful new tool. Every home, church and library ought to have The WatchWORD Bible New Testament!

Many of the 10,000 customers to date have written to rave about it.

Experience all 260 chapters – totaling 26 hours – on 12 DVDs, using the best-selling Contemporary English Version translation – loved for being biblically accurate, reader friendly, and understandable.

  • Get the “WatchWORD Bible New Testament” – all 27 books, all 260 chapters, totaling 26 hours on 12 DVDs! For a limited time, get $120 off, exclusively from WorldNetDaily!

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