Imagine that tonight, in stadiums all over the United States, Major League Baseball games are disrupted by an invasion of football players, running by dozens and hundreds out onto the diamonds.

“We want to play, too!” the game-crashers cry.

“But this is baseball,” a pitcher points out. “It’s a totally different game.”

“Not fair!” the invaders insist. “We demand that you let us play! And here – use our ball. Re-line the field. And play by our NFL rules!”

“It won’t work,” says a shortstop. “You can’t pitch pigskin.”

“Foul!” scream the footballers to ESPN cameras. “Unsportsmanlike! Boycott baseball!”

The crowd grows restless and bellows their deafening disapproval. The umps’ thumbs are flying: “You’re outta the game!” But the helmeted Huns dig in their cleats.

“These fans are narrow-minded!” they yell. “These umps are bought and paid for! Where’s the justice? What are these ballplayers so afraid of?”

“Football-phobics?” read the morning sports pages, featuring photos of outraged outfielders, shaking their fists at runningbacks spiking balls at home plate.

Absurd? Maybe … but a not-dissimilar scenario is unfolding all over America as increasingly aggressive advocates of homosexual behavior demand legal, moral and cultural endorsement of same-sex “marriage” and other aspects of a demanding legal agenda.

Unable to woo a wary electorate, they are taking the country to court, where their American Civil Liberties Union allied attorneys are trying to force a shotgun wedding of homosexual behavioral mores to traditional American values.

Despite the resounding decision of voters in 18 states to uphold marriage as the union of one man and one woman, despite the laws enacted by 37 legislatures, and despite the rulings of dozens of local, state, and federal judges, advocates of homosexual behavior and their ACLU attorneys demand that not only the laws of the United States, but the moral, behavioral and cultural code of civilization itself, be changed to suit their personal demands and preferences.

Watching their determined efforts to destroy an institution that is the cornerstone of American family life and society, one can’t help but wonder what exactly it is that the ACLU really cares about.

It’s certainly not the rule of law. In states like California, where the state constitution currently precludes marriage between members of the same sex, the ACLU encourages such “partners” to defy the document – and flaunt their defiance.

Nor does the ACLU care about the democratic process. In states where voters have rejected the homosexual legal agenda, ACLU attorneys work to circumvent the election results, trumping votes with the rulings of judges friendly to the homosexual cause.

Of course, ACLU attorneys would claim that they must forego the will of the majority to preserve the demands of the few. Yet clearly they don’t care any more about people practicing homosexual behavior than they do the rest of the populace. If they did, they would take note of the growing number of high-profile medical reports affirming the devastating physical toll of such behavior.

Instead, in their determination to ram acceptance of homosexual behavior down the collective throat of the American people, ACLU attorneys are actively promoting a self-destructive way of life that will ultimately destroy the health of – and even kill – many of their clients.

Just as obvious is the organization’s contempt for marriage itself. In fact, the ACLU has endorsed international legal efforts that would broaden the definition of marriage to include not only same-sex couples, but multiple partners and even temporary sexual relationships.

Clearly, the ACLU and its allies aren’t staying up nights worrying over the ravaging social and psychological impact of same-sex unions on families and children. Nor do they care about the coarsening of the culture they long to see freed from what they consider its bigoted moral and religious underpinnings.

Ironically, the ACLU and its allies don’t even care about the Constitution itself – a document designed to undergird and protect the very people, principles and processes these attorneys would circumvent, subvert and silence.

So, having divorced themselves from the best interests of their clients, their society and the law, what exactly do the ACLU’s attorneys love, honor and cherish? Social anarchy? Unbridled hedonism? The dismantling of the American family?

If anyone knows any reason why an organization that presents itself as the champion of open-minded love – while fomenting open hatred for the traditional family and reckless disregard for its homosexual clients – should not be allowed to wed its destructive agenda to America’s future, speak now.

Because the ACLU isn’t playing games with anything … except people’s lives and futures.

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