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Vote fraud: Worse than you think

“Voters decide nothing; people who count votes decide everything.”

– Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin

Back in 1993 when I ran for Congress, my campaign put out 25,000 flyers urging all Americans to read “Vote Scam: The Stealing of America,” by James and Kenneth Collier. Investigating vote fraud has been one of my major projects since 1993, because it is real. I left the Republican Party as a lifetime member back in 1996 after I finally came to the sickening conclusion that the GOP was working hand in hand with the Democratic (Communist) Party to destroy our republic and turn us into a democracy (which we are not).

I also walked because California’s Republican secretary of state at the time, Bill Jones, refused to investigate the blatant vote fraud in my 1996 primary.

We are being robbed of honest elections. As I belong to no political party, my only mission is to see that qualified individuals are fairly elected to any office they seek.

America is standing on a cliff and if we the people do not get rid of politicians at all levels, the same path of destruction will continue. If Americans think things are bad in this country right now, just wait until the effects of CAFTA (the Central American Free Trade Agreement) begin to kick in, further destroying our sovereignty. Bush wants the FTAA done by Dec. 31, 2005 – and he’ll get it. Following the CAFTA vote by Congress, a friend (Republican) who serves in one of the 50 state legislatures said, “Devvy, Congress is taking us to Hell.”

If you think the “middle class” is being reduced to poverty level, the worst is yet to come. “Free trade” has destroyed the most important job sectors that made America the wealthiest, debt-free nation in the history of the world. NAFTA and GATT have reduced entire communities into ghost towns. CAFTA and the FTAA will not only finish off our agriculture, manufacturing and industrial bases, we will be reduced to Third World poverty and a nation that can no longer sustain itself. Consider these words of wisdom ignored by the high-priced hookers who serve in Congress:

The global theory of free trade is siphoning off America’s wealth and bringing her economy to the level of others. The theory is displacing American workers who otherwise would be employed.

– Sen. George Malone, 1958

We must get constitutionalists elected in our state houses, Congress and the White House. However, this will not happen until we get rid of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 and all electronic ballot machines. We must go back to hand-counted ballots – counted in front of the public – not in secrecy. In my “Blind Loyalty” booklet (a copy is on my CD), I gave 45 pages of provable vote fraud – even at the local level – including what happened in my March 1996 primary.

Those in denial will say it’s just a bunch of sore losers or conspiracy wackos making charges of massive vote fraud. Consider these vote totals the night of my primary; numbers reflect the winners-losers for seats in the House of Representatives: 85-18, 81-18, 85-18-15, 81-18, 85-15, 86-16, 87-18, 81-18 and 86-14. Not very creative.

Those percentages were called at 8:01 p.m., one minute after our polls closed. The totals never changed throughout the vote “counting” and became the final numbers the next morning. All winners were incumbents who voted for NAFTA and GATT – the losers (challengers) all opposed NAFTA, GATT and a one-world government. How did Voter News Service in New York know those exact numbers they relayed to our local media in Northern California before a single vote was counted?

I could go on and on, but the whole sad story plus incident after incident is recounted in my “Blind Loyalty” booklet. How about tens of thousands of votes lost in districts and unaccounted for?

According to a column by Julie Carr Smyth (Cleveland Plain Dealer Bureau, Aug. 30, 2003) Walden O’Dell, chief executive of Diebold Inc., a big-time money supporter of Bush, sent out a fund-raising letter, Aug. 14, 2003, stating he is “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.” Diebold is one of the three major voting-machine companies in this country.

As we all know, Ohio was a mess on “Election” Day, and Diebold did, indeed, deliver a win for Bush. The Democrats screamed vote fraud, the GOP denied it. However, the GOP fought years in court to claim vote fraud over the alleged election of Democrat Christine Gregoire for governor in Washington State – the court finally put the matter to rest on June 5, 2005. While the finger-pointing goes on, vote fraud continues to get more and more sophisticated.

I urge all Americans: Attend every city council and county board of supervisors meeting. Demand paper ballots, hand counted in front of the general public and get rid of these easily rigged machines. If your elected officials refuse, tell them they will be the target of a recall, and if you don’t have recall, make it clear to them they’re gone in ’06.

The 2006 elections are our last hope to get individuals elected who can and will get the job done in saving this republic. Time grows short for liberty.