A California radio station is pleading for advertisers to sponsor the liberal programming of the Air America shows it broadcasts, while noting the conservative Rush Limbaugh show is virtually sold out on its sister station.

“For liberal programming to continue … you need to support it,” said an ad by KOMY station owner Michael Zwerling, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

“You can’t be coy in this business,” said Zwerling. “You have to spell it out, especially in Santa Cruz where everybody thinks they deserve everything.”

Air America’s Al Franken

Zwerling brought Air America to the Central Coast region of California in July, and during initial negotiations, he says network executives refused to allow Al Franken to share a dial with syndicated radio host Michael Savage, known for statements such as “liberalism is a mental disorder.”

“As soon as I said Michael Savage, the door slammed shut,” Zwerling said.

Though there has been some letters and calls of appreciation for airing the liberal content, not a single business has purchased air time during Air America’s slot since its debut.

Rush Limbaugh

Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh, who is broadcast on sister station KSCO, gave some advice to Zwerling today on his nationally broadcast show, suggesting he ask for donations.

“I want to help this man because he took a great risk,” Limbaugh said. “I don’t want this guy to suffer out there.”

“What you need to do if you want financial support, you need to go get funding,” he continued. “You need to ask for donations from people. Probably the best way to support Air America in this market since its advertisers won’t is to find a local Boys and Girls Club, and tell that Boys and Girls Club that you need an operating loan for some unrelated purpose,” referring to the recent scandal involving Air America allegedly siphoning money from such a club in New York City.

“Normally, people give money to the Boys and Girls Club, but liberal radio has found a way to extract money from the Boys and Girls Clubs,” Limbaugh said.

“I think this is the lesson for all of you who wish to show some sort of financial revenue income by carrying liberal radio. You have to orient yourself to fund-raising, not commerce. Commerce has never been part of the recipe here. … This guy has made a terrible blunder. He thought liberal radio was about commerce and dollars and business and selling advertising, and that’s not what it’s about. … You are doing something good for the cause.”

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