The terrible tragedy of Hurricane Katrina has pointed out the misplaced faiths in the United States of America. I write this from Israel, working on the pre-production for a movie. People live here with the knowledge that life is precarious and that not all the problems of life can be cured by the government, progress or technology.

Reading the news about America, it seems that many people had faith in technology or progress, believing that we could somehow conquer the destructive impact of these storms.

After technology proved itself insufficient, people in the hurricane zone had faith that government would meet all their needs. Government is trying to do just that, especially after being vilified by the woefully liberal news media and the political nomenclatura in our big cities like Washington, D.C., New York and Los Angeles. Not to mention some leftist celebrities in Hollywood and the music industry.

So, here’s a message from halfway across the world: Every human being is born to die. Man has always been vulnerable to the vagaries of nature. Progress and technology have always been thwarted by new problems, some of which arise from the cure itself.

And there is only one sure, secure faith, and that is in Jesus Christ, who, after we wander from this mortal coil, guarantees us eternal life with Him in the Kingdom of Heaven if only we ask Him into our hearts while here on Earth.

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