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Does Constitution include 'right to privacy'?

During questioning by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Supreme Court chief justice nominee John Roberts said, “The right to privacy is protected under the Constitution in various ways,” a statement some believe contradicts comments he made in a 1981 Justice Department memo in which he referred to the “so-called ‘right to privacy.'”

While declining to state whether he would vote to reverse the Roe v. Wade ruling that invalidated all states’ laws prohibiting abortion, Roberts told the committee he believed the Constitution does provide for a right to privacy – which was the primary legal basis cited for the controversial ruling.

However, David Kupelian, WND managing editor and author of “The Marketing of Evil,” argues that the high court simply invented a previously unheard-of “right to privacy” in order to legalize abortion.

“Can you guess who made the following statement: ‘The Constitution does not explicitly mention any right of privacy.’ Who said that?,” Kupelian asks.

“Was it the National Right to Life, or some other pro-life group? No, it was Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, in his Roe vs. Wade majority opinion, in which he admitted that the U.S. Constitution, which the court swore to uphold, contains no so-called ‘right to privacy.'”

Roberts deftly skated through committee Democrats’ questions about Roe v. Wade, which were mostly couched in the code-language of “privacy rights.” “I feel the need to stay away from a discussion of particular cases,” he said. “While I’m happy to talk about the importance of precedent, I don’t think I should get into the application of those principles in a particular area.”

Kupelian recalls that famed constitutional scholar, Judge Robert Bork – who ran the same gauntlet Roberts is now enduring, only to lose the Supreme Court confirmation fight – explained Roe v. Wade this way: “Whatever one’s feelings about abortion, the decision has no constitutional foundation, and the Court offered no constitutional reasoning.”

In his book, Kupelian includes interviews with eight abortion clinic doctors and nurses, who dramatically reveal, says the author, “that the abortion industry is based on lies, fabrications and manipulative marketing from top to bottom.”

“The Marketing of Evil,” Kupelian added, “reveals the techniques and strategies that are being used to persuade millions of Americans to abandon the nation’s traditional Judeo-Christian values, and to embrace ideas and behaviors that have been rejected by all previous generations of Americans.”

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