My producer and I were talking the other day and we came up with a T-shirt slogan that we feel would sell big in pop culture today. It would read something like this: “Going to Hell as fast as I can …”

What’s bizarre is that they would sell big. Our culture is getting bolder about its moral wrongdoing and seems to have hardened its heart against any possibility of consequences from doing so. And this week, this diabolical, dagger, society that we live in has shown its colors blooming yet brighter.

By now, for example, we’ve all heard that a judge has outlawed the Pledge of Allegiance because it claims that as a nation we sit under God’s authority. It’s such an issue of pride for liberals to not admit that there is a God who is more powerful than they are.

This case will be appealed to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court (the cuckoo court) where the ruling will likely be upheld. This will throw about a fourth of the nation back under the ruling this same court released last year, and kids will again be banned from saying the Pledge as part of their school day. Hopefully, this will track the issue to the U.S. Supreme Court where some of this insanity will finally be put to an end.

On the same day, another federal judge, this time in Michigan, also decided to also strike down the ban on partial-birth abortion. This is a procedure that is never medically necessary – according to the American Medical Association – and is perhaps the most violent end to a human life known today. If you are not familiar with it, the quick version goes like this: Deliver the baby to within about two inches of actual separation from the mother, stab the baby’s head at the base of the neck with a pair of surgical scissors, crush the brain of the child, suction out the brain and finally deliver the dead baby the rest of the way. Yes, a judge – a Clinton judge – decided that somehow that form of premeditated murder is constitutionally sanctioned.

And did I mention that the AMA has ruled that the procedure is never medically necessary to protect either the woman’s life or health?

Well, not to be outdone by the federal judiciary, the House of Representatives then decided to pass a “hate crimes bill” that will eventually make it illegal for people of good conscience to have any verbal objections to two men engaging in indecent and medically dangerous sexual acts. The experts have not yet agreed to the extent that this will be prosecutable, but the implication of seeing what has happened in Canada is clear. Such legislation is truly designed to shut down the right of pastors to preach from their own pulpit what they hold as the sincere truth of sacred Scripture. But then again, liberals tend to despise all that God stuff anyway.

For the most part, our modern-day culture – led by the loud voices on the left – are standing on their philosophical mountain tops and shaking their fists into the face of the God who made them as vehemently as they can.

Which is what made the idea for the T-shirt such a hot-seller.

What awaits the reality on the other side of all this moral recklessness is a rude awakening. Unfortunately for many of the leaders on the American left, and those who follow them, barring repentance and an acknowledgement of the God who made them, it will be a day of reckoning that never ends.

But what’s the big deal about eternal damnation when it makes such a catchy slogan?

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