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Limbaugh praises kids'
liberal-bashing book

In his national radio broadcast yesterday, Rush Limbaugh praised a new book written by a mother to teach young children to beware of … liberals.

“‘Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed’ is the title of the book,” said Limbaugh, encouraging his listeners to buy it. And sure enough, the book shot up the book charts. “It tells of two brothers who open a lemonade stand,” continued Limbaugh. “Their plans to save up their hard-earned profits to buy a swing set go awry when a Ted Kennedy character taxes away their profits and a pants-suit clad Hillary Clinton look-alike outlaws sugary drinks.”

Limbaugh quoted author Katharine DeBrecht, a mother of three, as she explained why she wrote her book:

Liberals have been foisting their ideological agenda on our kids for years, and now they’re beside themselves that someone would stand up to them. Evidently books about socialist fish and gay kings are OK, but a story about hard work and self-reliance is too extreme.

Limbaugh also noted that Ron Reagan – whom he referred to as an “MSNBC quasi-host” – scolded DeBrecht on his cable television show, and that Alan Colmes, the liberal co-host of Fox News Channel’s Hannity & Colmes, claimed her book existed for the purpose of brainwashing. Limbaugh went on to note that the popular Democratic Underground website named DeBrecht to its “Top 10 Conservative Idiots” list, and that the leading left-wing blog Daily Kos likened her book to Nazi propaganda.

“Once again we find conservatives able to be totally honest about who liberals are,” said Limbaugh, praising DeBrecht for her observation that liberals oppose religion, traditional families, and the free market because those institutions are obstacles to eliminating personal responsibility and establishing a welfare state. “And I’m telling you, the liberals cringe – they go ape! – when you dare be honest about them. They call it an attack!”

“Our hat is off here to Katharine DeBrecht, the author of ‘Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed,'” concluded Limbaugh.

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