My e-mail this week got flooded with global warming hysteria. This was typical: “How many more cataclysmic ‘once in a lifetime’ hurricanes this decade, each costing the USA over $100 billion in damages, will it take to convince people like yourself of the unwelcome fact that global warming is a scientific reality, with massive economic costs attached to inactivity?”

Well, Hurricane Rita did not cause $100 billion in damage, but facts are not especially relevant when debating global warming hysterics. The global warming argument is not accepted widely by scientists, but pointing this out does little to convince the political left.

Now that Barbra Streisand has entered the debate, we should all get the point. We are all stupid conservatives if we don’t understand that burning hydrocarbon fuels puts so much carbon dioxide in the air that the earth is heating, with the consequence that the climate is turning dangerous.

Don’t you get it? The earth is heating up and it’s all Bush’s fault. Bush didn’t sign the Kyoto Treaty, and Al Gore, who should have been president, was right all along. We’re headed for a climactic doomsday simply because we burn gasoline in our automobiles. By the way, does Barbara Streisand drive a hybrid car, or does somebody out there have a recent photo of her getting out of a limousine?

Geologists tell us that for the past 1.8 million years, the Earth has been going through a repeating cycle of glacial activity punctuated by interglacial warming-up. Yes, the Earth today is a lot warmer than it was some 30,000 years ago when glaciers covered much of the Northern Hemisphere. But when this “inter-glacial” warming period started, some 30,000 years ago, there weren’t enough humanoids around and there weren’t any automobiles. So we weren’t the fault back then when the Earth heated up and the glaciers melted. But today, we are the fault, right? Don’t bother pointing to the political left that “global warming” is just hysterics; they won’t listen.

In the journal Science this summer a team of meteorologists published an article arguing that the number of hurricanes making landfall in any given year is controlled by a long-term, multi-decade trend. They predicted that the storm resurgence we are experiencing in the North Atlantic is part of a more active cycle that will continue anywhere from the next 20 to 50 years. While that is not good news, the cause was not attributed to carbon dioxide emitted into the air from burning gasoline.

The political left tends to forget that trees absorb carbon dioxide. If carbon dioxide emissions were the culprit, why don’t we just grow more trees? The political left likes the tree-growing argument generally, but somehow the Barbra Streisands of the world back off when trees are put in the context of the global warming debate.

During the 2004 presidential election campaign, the political left championed the movie “The Day After Tomorrow.” The movie showed a deep freeze destroying civilization. Again, the culprit was global warming. How can global “warming” be responsible for a worldwide cold freeze? If you have to ask this question, you don’t get it. “Global warming” doesn’t have to be a scientifically accepted theory; it’s just another urban myth the left is trying to perpetrate by insisting that it is true. No matter what type of dramatic climactic event happens, the political left is going to claim the problem is “global warming” and that it’s all Bush’s fault because he didn’t support signing the Kyoto Treaty.

Drive along the Pennsylvania Turnpike and look at the outcrops, or go visit the Grand Canyon and take a look at the rock strata that give testimony to the significance of geological time. The earth is not a stable place – there are a lot of distinct rock strata out there that prove we have been through many dramatic changes, long before human beings were around to be the culprit.

As we enter October, we are about to experience another fall and winter. Very probably, it will get colder again, as falls and winters usually do. Just remember in December and January that the Earth had blizzards long before we had cars. The glaciers carved out Lake Erie long before the Flats in Cleveland along the Cuyahoga River burned hydrocarbon fuels to make steel. Something else, other than burning gasoline, caused the Earth to warm up back then – maybe that’s the cycle we’re still in today. We have to think geological time, not political left time.

But next summer, when last August’s 100 degree Fahrenheit days are long forgotten, the political left will still be ready to say that any given stretch of below zero in places like Minneapolis are especially long because of – you guessed it – global warming. Global warming is the left’s culprit for every severe climate event we experience from now on, no matter whether extreme warmth or extreme cold. Whatever happens, the left will shout “global warming,” both for extreme wet phenomena like hurricanes and extreme dry phenomena like droughts.

As far as Barbra Streisand is concerned, if you’re a conservative or a supporter of George Bush, then you’re just too stupid to understand that global warming causes everything bad that happens in the weather, whether scientists support the theory or not. What’s the political agenda? Just the usual – that we’re bad, because we burn hydrocarbon fuels, because we have interstates and drive cars, because we live in an industrial society, because we’re capitalists, because we live in American and enjoy economic advantages. We’re bad – that’s what the political left always sees as the problem – don’t you get it?

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