A group battling the American Civil Liberties Union nationwide on First Amendment issues is taking its fight to academia – representing students forced to take oaths against their will, to undergo mandatory “diversity” training and victims of religious discrimination.

The Alliance Defense Fund is branching out to challenge violations of college students’ First Amendment rights of religious freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The ADF has launched a new website devoted to educating people of injustices occurring on college campuses regarding the violation of First Amendment rights.

The ADF is working with other national student organizations such as Campus Crusade for Christ and the Christian Legal Society in “combating this trend to silence the freedom of speech,” according to the group.

The ADF is an advocate for the Christians much like the ACLU is for secularists. Many students have been penalized for expressing their religious beliefs and for not accepting the politically correct code that most colleges abide by, the group says.

The ADF is working on five areas of campus policy that may violate student’s rights. They include any school-issued “non-discrimination” statements which Christians have been forced to sign in the past [even though they may be contrary to their beliefs], as well as any infringement on a student’s free speech, speech codes that restrict the rights of people to express their views, mandatory diversity training and any unfair treatment of faith-based groups.

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