Harriet Miers and President Bush

Harriet Miers’ political contributions to Democrats didn’t end in 1988 with her support of Al Gore.

A Federal Elections Commission report obtained by WND columnist Jerome Corsi shows her law firm’s political action committee contributed $1,000 to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s senatorial campaign committee, after she personally contributed $415 to the same PAC.

Lock Liddell’s PAC supported 13 other Democrats that same year, including $500 to Nicholas Lampson, a candidate running against Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas. The law firm also backed Rep. Richard Gephardt of Missouri’s re-election bid in 2000.

Other Democrats supported by the firm’s PAC included Louisiana’s Sen. Mary Landrieu and Rep. William Jennings Jefferson, Rep. Lloyd Doggett and Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas.

Corsi found that of the 24 candidates supported by Locke Liddell between 1999-2000, 14 went to Democrats.

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