More and more movies are being aimed at the faith-based audience. Many of them claim to be by people of faith. And, many people in the church are getting very excited about these films.

Some of these filmmakers are at the top of their game. Some have gone to the most prestigious film schools. But even so, after watching some of the theological errors and confusion in these movies, perhaps they would have been better studying theology and reading, writing and critical thinking rather than film.

In one recent movie, the name of Jesus is claimed to have power only as shock treatment, in perhaps the same vein as the names of other deities. Eventually, His name proves to be ineffective when confronted by modern therapeutic drugs. And, this movie has been touted by Christian marketeers and many in the Christian community in Hollywood.

Some of the other theological gaffes are even more disappointing, such as that Jesus gave up His divinity when He was born on Earth, a sub-group of the old Aryan heresy. A god who is impotent in the face of drugs or who is less than human is no god whatsoever, just a confused thought.

In the massive marketing attempts to reach the church, some of these movies enlisted some of the most successful evangelical associations. Therefore, please be media-wise. Before you run out to see a movie or go to an early premiere touted by a major evangelical association, please find out whether the movie is theologically sound.

You can do that by visiting us at MovieGuide. All that glitters is not gold.

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