Truth. Provocative. Entertaining. The patriot’s guide to life. A shot heard ’round the world.

These are just a few of the descriptives being used for Joseph Farah’s newest book – an updated, paperback release of “Taking America Back.”

From Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Dr. Laura Schlessinger to ordinary, everyday reviewers at, Farah’s “radical plan to revive freedom, morality and justice” is making an impact on readers.

  • “A thought-provoking recipe for reclaiming America’s heritage of liberty and self-governance,” said Limbaugh.

  • “A must-read for anyone who wonders how we can expand liberty and reclaim the vision of our founders,” said Hannity.

  • “Joseph Farah and I share a fierce passion for protecting children and a belief that without the Ten Commandments there would be no U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights,” said Schlessinger.

Farah is the editor, founder and chief executive officer of WND, the Internet’s largest independent news source. A veteran newspaper executive, he ran the Sacramento Union, the oldest daily west of the Mississippi, the news department of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and other dailies and weeklies. A daily columnist for WND, he also writes a nationally syndicated weekly column and hosts a nationally syndicated daily talk-radio show.

“Taking America Back” is not necessarily easy reading.

“The reason that some are uncomfortable with ‘Taking America Back’ is understandable — in the same way that thieves are uncomfortable when police approach them,” writes reviewer Greg Perry. “The guilty among us do not like truth pointed out when that truth uncovers our weaknesses, sins and fears. … Joseph Farah does not only describe today’s America. He also prescribes. And his prescription, how to take America back so that right and wrong are once again honored, is a prescription that WE KNOW works because for 200 years, that prescription made America the greatest nation on earth.”

Prof. Walter E. Williams of George Mason University had this to say: “A book whose time has come. It speaks in ordinary language to ordinary Americans as to how we’re losing our liberties and what we must do to get them back.”

“This is a primer for all who love the Constitution,” said an Aamzon reviewer. “Joseph Farah fired the shot ‘heard round the world’. It is now up to us.”

Radio legend Paul Harvey put it this way: “There is a book called ‘Taking America Back” – might make a real good Christmas present for the uninformed. The book is called ‘Taking America Back.'”

“Joseph Farah has outdone himself in his latest book,” writes Joe Tittiger. “He ties a lot of loose ends together for me personally. While most of the material will not be new to the patriots among us, he does a superb job of logical progression in easy-to-understand language. Unlike some of his critics, I do not find any of his advice (i.e. pulling your kids out of public school and not voting) radical in the least. To vote or leave your kids in public schools may be the more radical action. Buy a few extra copies to hand out!”

Jerry Falwell, founder and chancellor of Liberty University, put in his two cents: “Joseph Farah raises a clarion call to action in his new book, ‘Taking America Back.’ He hits the nail on the head on every issue. What’s more, he lays the blame for America’s problems right where it belongs – in the lap of liberalism. His insightful analysis of what he calls ‘this evil ideology’ is worth the price of the book. Don’t miss it!”

“This is a good read,” writes a reviewer at Amazon. “It entertains as it frightens. It is a provocative critique of our society’s decay. Farah says its not too late to get us back on track. I’m more cynical, but I hope he is right.”

Another writes: “Joseph Farah is on the mark! His solutions to American cultural problems are sensible and workable. Buy this book today!”

“‘Taking America Back’ is a wake-up call for responsible self-government,” writes Hal Lindsey, author of “The Late Great Planet Earth,” the best-selling book of the decade of the 1970s. “It’s a radical vision for liberty – in the same way Washington, Jefferson and Madison had a radical vision of freedom.”

Another Amazon reviewer had this comment: “This book will make you think. It should inspire you to act now. It is certainly not like any other book you’ve read lately. Joseph Farah actually lays out a plan for regaining the liberties we have already lost. It is a radical plan but considering the breathtaking loss of liberties we as a nation have already suffered at the hands of our government, it will take a radical plan to get us back on track. I could hardly put it down and have already started to reread it.”

Tim LaHaye, author of “Left Behind,” had this to say: “For 25 years I have tried to get our fellow Americans to realize that the anti-God, anti-moral controllers of the media, education system and entertainment industry are against America and the principles on which our God-fearing founders built the greatest country in the history of the world. In ‘Taking America Back,’ Joseph Farah says it better than I did and offers a workable plan for reversing our nation’s moral decay by getting our government leaders to realize that we, the majority, really want this to be ‘One Nation Under God.'”

“Never before have I seen a book that empowers the ordinary individual with practical steps to take back his government and his society,” wrote a reviewer at Amazon. “‘Taking America Back’ is a breakthrough. I recommend it to every American who values real freedom.”

Another wrote: “This is the best blueprint for restoring freedom in America I have ever seen. Simple. Profound. On the mark.”

The new, updated, repackaged paperback edition of “Taking America Back” is available now.

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