“Doom,” the new movie that opened yesterday, which is based on the controversial video game, is not only bloody, gory, violent and filled with obscenities and profanities, it also takes a swipe at the United States Marine Corps.

In the movie, a group of U.S. Marines slaughters a host of mutated human beings and zombies on Mars who have been infected with a serum intended to create a race of immune supermen, but which instead turns most people into violent monsters.

During the movie, the leading Marine, who exemplifies Marine values and even has the Marine motto “Semper Fi” (Always Faithful) tattooed on his back, goes berserk and orders the execution of some humans, including children, who may or may not be infected with the disease.

“Kill them all and let God sort it out,” he commands his men.

When one of the soldiers refuses to carry out the order, the leader shoots him in the head.

It is really sad to see a major Hollywood movie, especially one aimed at the teenagers and young adults who are recruited into our armed forces, include such a vile, anti-American message.

“Doom” also carries a neo-Nazi message, in that the only person who can save the day is someone who is able to be injected with the superman serum and not mutate into a monster.

Not surprisingly, “Doom” also mocks Christians. One of the soldiers is a Christian who carves a cross into his arm when he takes the Lord’s name in vain.

Of course, like the video game on which it’s based, “Doom” revels in human slaughter. At one point, it plays like the video game and the audience is turned into one of the shooters killing everything that moves in the most brutal manner imaginable. Obsession with such murderous imagery is the kind of thing that helped instigate some of the school murders a few years ago.

MOVIEGUIDE? doesn’t recommend this vile movie for anyone. In fact, it recommends that parents make special efforts to prevent their children and teenagers from watching “Doom” or playing the violent, gory video game.

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