WASHINGTON – The FBI is investigating Harriet Miers’ role in the Texas lottery scandals that resulted in the firing of a director, the decision halt the process of accepting competitive bids and the quashing of an audit, WND has learned.

In addition, lawyers and investigative staff for the Senate Judiciary Committee are preparing to question Larry Littwin, the director fired while Miers chaired the Texas Lottery Commission, according to WND columnist Jerome Corsi.

Both investigations reportedly will focus on some key questions:

  • Who told Texas Lottery Executive Director Linda Cloud, who replaced Littwin, to close the competitive bidding process and stop looking for a replacement for GTECH, the company embroiled in scandal?

  • Why were criminal kickback allegations made against GTECH consultant Ben Barnes, a former Texas lieutenant governor, never investigated by the FBI or Texas law enforcement authorities?

  • Did GTECH violate Texas state laws by making contributions to political campaigns in Texas in direct violation of the terms of GTECH’s contract with the Texas Lottery Commission?

  • While Harriet Miers was chairwoman of the Texas Lottery Commission from 1995 to 2000, was any official audit ever conducted, as required by Texas lottery law?

  • Was Ben Barnes involved in a “blueprint” scandal of political influence buying and money laundering that GTECH replicated in several states while Harriet Miers was chairwoman of the Texas Lottery Commission?

“Federal Election Commission reports indicate that Barnes has made generous contributions to the campaigns of Judiciary Committee members Senators (Edward) Kennedy, (Charles) Schumer, and (Patrick) Leahy, as well as to Democratic presidential hopefuls Senators (John) Kerry and (Hillary) Clinton,” writes Corsi. “The next week should be interesting. If Harriet Miers’ nomination is not withdrawn, the process of asking questions may only be beginning.”

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