Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, the premium, online, weekly intelligence newsletter that has broken some of the biggest stories of the last two years, is now available at a drastically reduced price to fit any budget.

Previously priced at $199 a year, the service is now available for only $9.95 per month for credit card purchasers. Alternatively, those who prefer to pay by check or money order or pay annually by credit card can purchase a subscription for $99 a year – half the old cost.

Best of all, for a limited time, new annual subscribers to G2 Bulletin will also get FREE Joseph Farah’s new paperback edition of “Taking America Back.”

G2 Bulletin is the WorldNetDaily founder’s “insider” bulletin utilizing unique information sources he has developed over 25 years as a pioneering journalist.

Launched at the beginning of the Iraq war, G2 Bulletin is read weekly by law enforcement, military officials and intelligence operatives around the world – as well as business executives, news junkies and individuals demanding the very latest intelligence information – because it is consistently out in front and accurate in its reports on events of consequence in the world, particularly concerning the global threat from Islamic terrorism, the Arab-Israeli conflict and U.S. internal security.

Recently, G2 Bulletin has led coverage on the threat of nuclear terrorism by al-Qaida.

Now, with the proven success of this acclaimed, premium news resource, Farah has decided to make it available to a much wider reader audience both by cutting the price and by enabling readers to subscribe to G2 either by the year, or by the month!

“For many years I have wanted to have a forum like this for stories I come across that are not necessarily double-sourced for the standards of daily journalism, yet they are leads and reports that are very reliable and from very credible sources. My sources are in the Pentagon, on the scene in the Persian Gulf, in Afghanistan, in Israel, in the CIA, the NSA and, of course, military intelligence.”

G2 means intelligence in military jargon, explains Farah. Do you need to know what’s really happening in the world – before it’s broadcast on CNN?

Are you a news junkie who can’t get enough of insider developments around the world – particularly involving the Middle East and the war on terror?

When you’re reading WorldNetDaily, do you ever feel like you wish you could get even more insight, more news and more information about the most significant developments on the international scene?

Then you should consider a subscription to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

G2 Bulletin has been on the cutting edge of intelligence news since it was created just before the war in Iraq. These are just some of the scoops broken first by G2 Bulletin:

  • Russia rearming over North Korea threat

  • Radical Islam’s plan to take over America

  • Temple Mount reopens for Jews

  • 32 European tourists kidnapped in Algeria

  • Terrorists eye model planes for bombs, surveillance

  • Translator shortage for Army in Iraq

G2 Bulletin isn’t for everyone. It’s for the most discerning readers – those who have a need to know. If you’re one, Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, consider subscribing today.

In addition to creating and running, the world’s leading independent newssite, Farah writes a daily column for WND and a twice-weekly column for Creators Syndicate. He has written for such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Jerusalem Post, National Review, TV Guide, Reason, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Sun-Times and a host of other national, international and regional publications.

He has traveled the world as a journalist and developed sources wherever he has gone – Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Mideast.

He is the co-author, with U.S. Rep. Richard Pombo, of “This Land is Our Land” (1996), and in 1994 collaborated with Rush Limbaugh on the No. 1 New York Times best seller “See, I Told You So.” His newest book is “Taking America Back.”

NBC television, New World Entertainment and other media giants have sought his expertise as a media consultant.

Joseph Farah made a name for himself with traditional daily newspapers prior to his founding of WorldNetDaily – running the Sacramento Union, directing the news operation of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner for nine years and serving as editor in chief of a group of California dailies and weeklies.

His role as founder of the Western Journalism Center won him the Washington Times Foundation’s National Service Award in 1996. Two years earlier, in 1994, he was honored by the American-Swiss Foundation as one of 20 “Young Leaders” who traveled to Europe for discussions with their distinguished counterparts abroad. Farah’s many journalism awards include honors for everything from reporting to writing headlines to honesty in journalism to editing and newspaper design.

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