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Syrian show: Jews cut Christian throats

JERUSALEM – A rabbi cuts the throat of a Christian boy, drains his blood into a bowl and then eats blood-baked matzo. A Jewish official plots the destruction of German Jewry with Nazi strongman Adolf Eichmann. A member of the Zionist Agency discusses the “small matter” of Japan, after which scenes of a nuclear attack on Hiroshima are superimposed over the Star of David.

All this and so much more can be viewed in “The Diaspora,” a Syrian-produced television series airing this month on Al-Mamnou, an independent Jordanian satellite network, reports Palestinian Media Watch.

“Diaspora” presents itself as a historic documentary depicting the Zionist movements that led to the creation of the Jewish state. According to PWM, Jews are shown killing Christian children, plotting the Russian Revolution and the World Wars, encouraging Nazi concentration camps and pressuring America to use atomic weapons against Japan.

In one scene, the head of the “Secret Jewish World Government” says, “We have to assist [Adolf] Hitler in the extermination of the Jews because this is the only way to drive the Jews in the countries which haven’t been occupied by Hitler to immigrate to the Promised Land.” Jews are seen toasting the deaths of Jews and Christians during World War II.

A Jewish leader is later depicted talking to Eichmann, a Nazi official who oversaw Germany’s death camps during the Holocaust. The leader comments, “Mr. Eichmann, believe me that if we the Zionists were not Jewish, we would have been Nazis. … You the Nazis consider the Aryan race to belong to the perfect people and the German people as the most perfect. We also consider ourselves a perfect people, and Zionists, the most perfect ones.”

In another part of the series, a rabbi explains Jews have been directed to use the blood of Christian children to bake Passover matzo. A young Jew is seen dragging a Christian boy who begs to be released. The rabbi nods, and the young Jew cuts the Christian boy’s throat, while another Jew catches the blood in a bowl. In the next scene, the rabbi eats matzo.

“The Diaspora” also features an episode on America’s atomic bombing of Japan in 1945. A member of what is called the Zionist Agency remarks, “Excuse me, Doctor. Before we start the activating and we finish the war, we must close the small matter with Japan.”

The Zionist Agency chairman responds, “I asked our people in America to put pressure on [U.S. President Harry] Truman to use the atomic bomb for the first time.” Pictures of the destruction at Hiroshima are then superimposed over a large Star of David.

PMW says the Syrian-produced television series first aired in 2003 on Hezbollah’s Al-Manar satellite television station, and then again in 2004 on Iranian TV.

Syria, which openly hosts the leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian terror groups and is under international pressure after a U.N. probe last week blamed it for assassinating Lebanon’s former prime minister, has previously produced anti-Israel and anti-Semitic material.

As WND reported, Syria in March published an updated version of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” an anti-Semitic story that claims Jews run the world by proxy, adding to it Islamic extremist ideology and dedicating the work to Palestinian suicide bombers.

The new edition of the Protocols was introduced at an Egyptian International Book Fair, considered the most important event in the Arab literary world, and was published by a Syrian company that credits Syria’s Ministry of Information with approving the text of the book.

The Syrian publishing firm responsible for the new Protocols has published several other Israel-related titled the past three years, including “The Great Hoax – Are the Jews Really Allah’s Chosen People?” “The International Criminal Court and the Crimes of Israeli Leaders,” “The Killing from the Jews,” and “How the Jews Created the Holocaust.”

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