A new, national daily radio show focused entirely on the most radioactive issue confronting Americans – homosexuality – will launch Monday, and it will be hosted by a prominent former homosexual – and his wife.

Stephen and Irene Bennett, founders of Stephen Bennett Ministries, will co-host the 30-minute program, “Straight Talk Radio,” scheduled to debut in eight states Oct. 31.

“‘Straight Talk Radio’ will feature the most outspoken guests, tackle tough issues and host very lively debates, while injecting a blend of adrenaline, compassion and a bit of humor,” said Bennett, a former homosexual who abandoned his 11-year promiscuous “gay” lifestyle after becoming a Christian in 1992.

Today, married 12 years with two children, the Bennetts travel and speak worldwide, educating people on homosexuality and dispelling what they call the “myths and misinformation promoted by homosexual activists and organizations.”

While the Bennetts’ primarily minister full-time as evangelists to the homosexual community and provide support for their families, the couple firmly believes they have a dual calling. The couple also publicly and forthrightly deal with the issues of homosexuality, the homosexual agenda and its effects on America’s culture and children.

“We have two little kids who are growing up in a very different world than we did as children. I bring to the table the undeniable truth that I was not born homosexual, and that homosexual men and women can completely change,” said Bennett.

Referring to condemnation from “gay rights” activists toward people like Stephen who have changed their sexual orientation, Irene Bennett comments: “For the last 13 years my husband has been repeatedly told he does not exist. As my loving husband and the wonderful father of our two children, I tell you Stephen does exist – and I am proud and humbled to be his wife. Stephen is a living testimony to the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.”

“Straight Talk Radio” will debut on one of the nation’s largest 50,000-watt Christian AM stations in America, KLTT 670 AM in Denver, part of the Crawford Broadcasting Network. Radio stations interested in carrying the program can call “Straight Talk Radio” at (203) 926-6960.

“Straight Talk Radio” will also stream daily on demand at StraightTalkRadio.org.

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