today launched a new, updated business page, BizNetDaily, working in partnership with Swiss America’s Real Money Perspectives to create a comprehensive, multi-media, financial-market digest site.

“Millions of Americans are just as interested in what happened in the gold and commodity markets as they are about what happened in stock markets each day, yet 99 percent of the stories on tangible assets do not even make it onto the mainstream media newsroom radar screens,” noted Real Money Perspectives editor David Bradshaw.

“The financial press has been slow to cover the emerging market opportunities in tangible commodities until recently when price hikes have created a growing inflationary threat. Now, finally the gold and commodities markets will have a dedicated market news digest the public can read or listen to at their convenience by visiting BizNetDaily,” added Bradshaw.

According to WND founder Joseph Farah, “WorldNetDaily has always been committed to covering news the Old Media won’t touch – which is just what Swiss America does on the business scene. So this new partnership seemed a natural.”

BizNetDaily will kick off the partnership with a fresh commitment to use multi-media resources, like streaming audio and video news, to help educate its readers.

For example, BizNetDaily will feature a new 60-second market news digest, recorded daily by Bradshaw, which will air on the syndicated radio show “Farah Live” Monday through Friday in the 3 p.m. Eastern hour. Listen to a sample from Oct. 31.

BizNetDaily will also feature a new weekly “opt-in” e-mail summary of market news each Friday afternoon for those who are too busy to follow daily economic news.

Real Money Perspectives Market News Digest was first launched in 1998 online to provide independent economic news and views about the tangible asset markets from a free-market perspective as a free public service on behalf of Swiss America – one of the nation’s most respected tangible asset firms.

For more information or to provide feedback on the new BizNetDaily, contact
David Bradshaw.

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