How can a nation capable of winning two world wars and the Cold War, putting men in space and on the moon, erecting towering skyscrapers and creating Mount Rushmore be so incapable of protecting its borders with something more than a dilapidated barbed wire fence? Could our leaders’ lack of resolve have anything to do with that?

Nowhere is our culture of failure regarding illegal immigration so increasingly evident than on the street corners of a growing number of American cities. In an expose published earlier this week, USA Today reported that day laborers – the majority of whom are in this country illegally – gather unobstructed and without fear of prosecution on street corners, just waiting for some local employer to drive by and pick them up for a myriad of short-term jobs.

See anything wrong with this picture?

The most obvious question coming to my mind is why are hordes of known illegal aliens allowed to gather on any American street without fear of arrest?

Further, why isn’t the Department of Homeland Security swooping down and arresting these lawbreakers (it’s not as if they don’t know who and where the are)?

And why aren’t federal authorities arresting the employers who wantonly violate U.S. law by hiring illegal aliens?

Americans are constantly reminded that our country was founded as a nation of laws, not of men. But what does it say for our cherished rule of law when we are building drive-up windows for illegal aliens?

“Day laborers that crowd intersections and parking lots are perhaps the most visible examples of illegal immigration,” USA Today reported. “The Center for the Study of Urban Poverty at the University of California, Los Angeles, estimates there are more than 100,000 of these workers across the United States.”

A hundred thousand? Do you believe that figure? I sure don’t. With an estimated 13 million illegal aliens in our country, I believe the real day-laborer figure has to be much, much higher than that. But it isn’t as if the federal government is counting.

Whatever the real figure is, the problem is obviously reached a pinnacle, as has the government’s failure to respond to it. Rather than enforce immigration laws or insist Washington step in and do so, more and more cities have resorted to using public funds to build day-laborer centers and, in the process, further legitimize the misguided notion that migrants somehow have a “right” to be here illegally.

Some public-interest groups, such as Judicial Watch, have sued these cities, claiming tax money cannot be used to provide such facilities to illegal aliens. A few local politicians and authorities – fed up with Washington’s inaction – have take some cursory steps of their own to combat the problem.

But these efforts are far too few and far too ineffective.

I harbor no illusions about the next suicide bomber or hijacker standing on an American street corner waiting to prune somebody’s flower garden or power-spray their deck. However, if such an inordinate amount of people can not only break into our country then blatantly flaunt their existence, how can anyone reasonably believe our terrorist enemies haven’t exploited this shameful failure to enforce immigration law?

Open-border advocates say we should just give up – that there is no way we can ever totally stop illegal immigration. I would argue we don’t know that for sure because we’ve never really tried.

But even if we fail to keep out every would-be lawbreaker, I guarantee a sincere crack-down effort on the part of our government would at least shut down the illegal alien-employer drive-through services we see springing up in Everytown, U.S.A.

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