After repeated unheeded warnings, a pro-life group launched a boycott yesterday against the popular doll maker American Girl for its association with a group that promotes abortion rights and lesbianism.

“American Girl has refused to sever ties with pro-abortion Girls Incorporated,” said Ann Scheidler, executive director of the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, “This leaves us no choice but to call for a boycott of American Girl dolls and accessories for the duration of the 2005 Christmas shopping season.”

In August, as WorldNetDaily reported, American Girl launched the “I Can” campaign with Girls Inc., urging girls to take a pledge and purchase a special bracelet.

Scheidler said young girls are being “lured into contact with their radical feminist ideology” through the bracelet offer.

“We are asking people who care about little girls and about the value of human life to refrain from purchasing products and visiting American Girl Place during the entire Christmas shopping season,” she said.

“As consumers, we have both the freedom and the responsibility to spending our gift dollars in a manner consistent with our values,” Scheidler continued. “There are excellent alternatives to American Girl dolls. We expect that many families will choose to reject American Girl this Christmas.”

The American Family Association also has initiated a campaign to warn parents.

After launching its protest last month, Scheidler’s group claimed American Girl had begun to de-emphasize its partnership with Girls Inc.

Officially, however, American Girl maintained it had no plans to discontinue its affiliation, and Scheidler said if there was no announcement to sever the relationship by the end of October, her group would call for a national boycott and organize demonstrations at the American Girl Place in Chicago and New York City.

On its website, Girls Inc. says it supports a girl’s right to abort an unwanted baby and promotion of contraceptives for girls. The group also offers resources encouraging lesbian and bisexual lifestyles. One publication, “Free your mind: The book for gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth and their allies,” states, “The emergence of a lesbian identity is an ongoing process, rather than an event.”

With every purchase of the “I Can” band, 70 cents is given to Girls Inc. in addition to American Girl’s contribution of $50,000.

Scheidler called the endorsement of abortion, lesbianism and contraception for young girls a betrayal of the trust American families have place in American Girl.”

“It is insidious for American Girl to manipulate girls into supporting Girls, Inc. through the ‘I Can’ bracelet and its promise,” said Scheidler. “Most of the girls buying the bracelets have no idea what Girls, Inc. stands for.”

American Girl says its contributions are earmarked for specific academic and athletic programs, but Scheidler calls that “deceptive,” because it “simply frees up revenue for their reprehensible programs, such as promoting abortion.”

She says, however, the “earmarking ploy does imply there are programs that American Girl is not comfortable with.”

Scheidler has encouraged parents, grandparents and other family members to write and call American Girl President Ellen L. Brothers to protest the company’s support for Girls Inc.

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