It’s strange that the civil war in France is not getting wider media attention.

Imagine if this were happening in Israel?

In case you’ve missed it (and I can certainly understand how that’s possible with the spotty international coverage of this story), for nearly two weeks, spectacular riots by Muslim immigrants from North Africa as well as their descendants have brought Paris to its knees.

The firebomb and arson attacks have spread to western Paris suburbs, Rouen in northern France, Dijon in the east and Marseille in the south.

The attacks began primarily as clashes with police. Later businesses and warehouses were targeted with firebombs. Cars have been destroyed. In one attack, 23 buses at a depot were burned. Schools have also come under attack.

A handicapped woman in her 50s was badly burned when rioters poured gasoline on a city bus and set it ablaze.

It is now being characterized as all-out war.

“This is immense violence,” said Justice Minister Pascal Clement in Bobigny between Paris and the Charles de Gaulle airport. “I think all French are shocked to see things like this.”

Last Wednesday evening a gang of about 40 youths burst into the local shopping centre, next door to the police station, armed with baseball bats. They broke shop-front windows and hit sales assistants before making off with cash. It was 6:30 p.m. and the invasion “panicked” customers, according to the shopping center’s director, Alex Mussawy.

“This is not normal for Bobigny,” he said. “We are almost in Paris. We are on the Metro line. This is the sort of thing that you hear about from the other more troubled suburbs.”

French police intelligence say there have been 70,000 acts of urban violence in the area this year alone.

Officials in Seine Saint Denis said 187 vehicles were destroyed there in one night. French media reports say as many as 600 vehicles have been destroyed in the greater Paris region.

There is concern the rioting could spread to other cities in France.

“We’re afraid that what’s happening in Seine Saint Denis will spread,” said Manuel Vallas, mayor of Evry, south of the capital. “We have to give these people a message of hope.”

It all began when two teenagers of North African origin died while fleeing the police.

Day in and day out, French officials pledge to bring order – but there is no order in sight.

Therefore, it occurs to me that an international solution is in order. If France has these kinds of systemic problems with its Muslim population, then it is time to partition France. It’s time for an independent Muslim state to be created. After all, isn’t that what France and other European nations have determined is the proper solution for Israel?

These are not just riots. This is an intifada – just like the one begun in 2000 within and around Israel.

France and other countries, including the United States, have demanded that Israel meet those attacks with land concessions to the rioters and suicide bombers. That is the only viable, long-term solution, they say. They claim this violence will never cease until those oppressed by Israel are granted an independent, autonomous state of their own.

Why should the solution be any different in France?

The global jihad has come home to Paris. Let’s see if French officials impose upon their own population the same solution they demand upon the population of the Jewish state. After all, isn’t the key to addressing the concerns of the jihadists to appease them?


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