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Guns, media, Islam, abortion – know all the issues!

Some are out of print and gone forever, and others are running out – but while they last, WND is offering the complete collection of Whistleblower editions (those 26 that are still available) for only $49.95. And for a limited time, through this introductory offer, we’re reducing that low price another $10, to only $39.95!

What some readers call the best newsmagazine in the world, Whistleblower is WND’s acclaimed monthly print publication. Each edition focuses entirely on one big topic – a topic crucial to our readers’ well-being, but one generally underreported or ignored by the “mainstream media.”

Here’s what you get – more than two dozen of the most powerful “special reports” on the topics most important to WND’s readers. We normally sell these as single issues for $7.50 each. The 26 issues include:

  • “GUNS IN AMERICA: Myth-busting research says firearms in more hands results in less crime” (September 2001)

  • “DUMBED DOWN: The deliberate destruction of America’s education system” (October 2001)

  • “JIHAD: The radical Islamic threat to America” (November 2001)

  • “ONE NATION UNDER GOD?” What effect has 9-11 had on America? (December 2001)

  • “THE NEWS MAFIA: A groundbreaking look at media bias and the future of the free press” (May 2002)

  • “SHATTERING THE MYTHS OF THE MIDDLE EAST: How propaganda has become ‘reality’ and crucial facts concealed” (June 2002)

  • “WINNING THE WAR ON TERROR”: Strategies for safeguarding the homeland and defeating radical Islam (September 2002)

  • “TERRORISTS AMONG US: Recruiting, fundraising and plotting holy war in the ‘land of the free'”
    (December 2002)

  • “ABORTION: The 30-Year War” (January 2003)

  • “MIDEAST REVOLUTION: How the ‘cradle of civilization’ is about to be changed forever (March 2003)

  • “‘THE CONSTITUTION: America’s ultimate battleground” (July 2003)

  • “LAW-LESS: Why many Americans fear attorneys and judges more than terrorists” (August 2003)

  • “THE NEW ANTI-SEMITISM (October 2003)


  • “REVOLT ON THE RIGHT! Why the Republican Party is losing conservative voters (September 2004)

  • “POISON PRESS: How the big media’s death throes are heralding a stunning information revolution” (October 2004)

  • “OBSESSED WITH SEX: How Kinsey’s fraudulent science unleashed a catastrophic ‘revolution'” (November 2004)

  • “EXTORTION! How the ACLU is destroying America using your money (December 2004)

  • “ENEMIES WITHIN: How the United Nations supports terrorists and fuels global chaos”
    (January 2005)

  • “MULTICULTURAL MADNESS: How Western Civilization has been turned upside down in one generation” (February 2005)

  • “DIVORCE WARS: What’s really behind America’s epidemic of family breakdown?” (March 2005)


  • “WHO LIVES, WHO DIES? Welcome to the brave new world of euthanasia, assisted suicide and ‘futile care'” (May 2005)

  • “CENSORING GOD: Why is the science establishment so threatened by the intelligent design movement?” (August 2005)

  • “ISRAEL BETRAYED? Jewish state on verge of unprecedented retreat from historic homeland” (July 2005)

  • “BRAINWASHING 101: Indoctrination and sexual corruption on America’s college campuses” (September 2005)

    “This is a fantastic deal,” said Managing Editor David Kupelian. “Because of the kind of information and insight we pack into each Whistleblower edition, they almost never go out of date. Years after we publish them, we have readers who eagerly purchase individual issues to get WND’s ‘definitive report’ on the topic of their choice.

    “Now here’s the chance to get the entire collection for a fraction of what they normally cost.”

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