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New radio commercials support war effort

A national pro-troops organization has unveiled three new radio ads meant to bolster support for the Iraq war effort and encourage Americans not to give up on the fight against terrorism.

Move America Forward says its radio ads will run first in the Sacramento, Calif., market in hopes of getting the City Council there to rescind a resolution passed last week that called for the withdrawal of all U.S. troops and bases from Iraq.

“We cannot surrender in the war against terrorism,” said Melanie Morgan, chairman of Move America Forward and WorldNetDaily columnist.

“Those who seek to wave the white flag of surrender in Iraq have not learned the lesson of 20 years of terrorist attacks against U.S. interests.”

The organization says the radio ads, which will cost several hundred thousand dollars, will run in a variety of markets and formats across the nation.

“For the next three months we will be on the airwaves reminding Americans that while they are enjoying the holidays with family and friends, the men and women of the U.S. military are risking their lives to keep our nation safe and free,” Morgan said.

The radio ads, which can be listened to on Move America Forward’s website, feature Morgan, Deborah Johns, the mother of a U.S. Marine who will soon return to Iraq for his third tour of duty, Joseph Williams, the father of Jason Williams who died in combat in Iraq, and Sacramento radio host Mark Williams.

Morgan this week praised the efforts of a Kurdish website, TheOtherIraq.com, which has released a series of three television advertisements – one that features Kurds of all ages thanking the United States for freeing them from Saddam Hussein’s rule. What is referred to in the ads as “Iraqi Kurdistan” is the northern region of the nation that has its own government and security force – an area the narrator of the ads says “has been practicing democracy for over a decade.”

Said Morgan of the “Thank You” ad: “Each time I’ve seen this ad I’ve been nearly brought to tears, seeing these people survive the murderous regime of Saddam Hussein and showing such warm and sincere appreciation for the United States.”

Those wishing to help Move America Forward with its radio-ad campaign can donate via the group’s website.