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NBC painting Minutemen as murderers of illegals?

Is NBC accusing the Minutemen, the civilian border-patrol group, of murder?

That’s the charge of the group’s president, Chris Simcox, who points to a commercial for tonight’s “Law and Order” episode dealing with illegal immigration. Simcox has sent a letter to NBC demanding the network “cease and desist” airing the promo.

According to Simcox’s Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, the promo includes the following dialogue:

ANNOUNCER: Wednesday, new “Law and Order” … 12 immigrants, cooked alive in a boiling hot truck.

CHARACTER: You classify that as something going down?

ANNOUNCER: Was it murder? Or Minutemen protecting our borders?

CHARACTER: Nathaniel shouldn’t go to jail for protecting this country!

ANNOUNCER: The episode that will enrage America!

CHARACTER: You don’t know nothing!

ANNOUNCER: New “Law and Order,” Wednesday on NBC.

As the announcer delivers the Minutemen line, the word “Minutemen” is flashed on the screen.

A statement from the Minuteman organization says Simcox’s letter was faxed to the office of NBC President Jeffrey Zucker this morning after the legal department for NBC failed to respond.

Simcox also demanded NBC remove all mention of the Minutemen from the episode before it is aired at a later date and that NBC broadcast on its network an apology to the Minutemen as many times and in the same time slots as the promotions were aired.

“The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Inc. and its sister organization, the Minuteman Project Inc., are the recognized founders and leaders of the civilian border watch and day labor site observation movement,” said Simcox in a statement. “The public and the media routinely refer to our members as ‘Minutemen’ and ‘Minuteman’ when talking about the issues of border security and illegal immigration.

“By publicly and repeatedly accusing the Minutemen of murder on its network, and by its promise to ‘enrage America,’ NBC is inciting the public, which will likely result in acts of violence against members of the Minutemen and their families.”

Simcox said there had not been “one incident of a member of our organizations committing acts of violence on our patrols, let alone murder.”

In an e-mail to supporters, Simcox said his organization would hold NBC responsible “for any and all violence, persecution, brutality, aggression, hostility and ‘hate crimes’ toward Minutemen the promotions incite.”

Simcox is asking Minuteman supporters across the nation to contact their local NBC affiliates to urge them not to run tonight’s “Law and Order” episode.

As WorldNetDaily reported, in September a Rasmussen poll indicated 54 percent of Americans approve of the Minutemen volunteers.

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