Maurice Mills

The idea that Hurricane Katrina was part of God’s judgment against homosexuals is now being proclaimed by a lawmaker in Northern Ireland.

Maurice Mills of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) believes the catastrophic storm was sent to impact “Southern Decadence,” a festival celebrating debauchery and the homosexual lifestyle which had attracted some 125,000 people last year.

Katrina struck New Orleans just days before this year’s event, but Mills says most of the media failed to report that fact.

“Surely this is a warning to nations where such wickedness is increasingly promoted and practiced,” Mills said, according to the Belfast Telegraph. “This abominable and filthy practice of sodomy has resulted in the great continent of Africa being riddled with AIDS, all at great cost to the nations and innocent children.”

The remarks echo the sentiment of an Alabama state senator who attributed the hurricane’s devastation to the hand of God punishing the U.S. for its national breaking of biblical laws.

“America has been moving away from God,” said Sen. Hank Erwin, R-Montevallo, Ala. “The Lord is sending appeals to us. As harsh as it may sound, those hurricanes do say that God is real, and we have to realize sin has consequences.”

A statement from Northern Ireland’s Rainbow Project, a homosexual advocacy group, called Mills’ opinion “stupid, irresponsible and rooted in deep-seated homophobia.”

Another activist, Sean Morrin, told the Press Association of Britain Mills’ comments “can be a trigger for homophobic abuse, homophobic violence and certainly can be a trigger to homophobic murder.”

“These people still feel they can talk publicly about God wanting to murder thousands of people because there was a gay festival around the corner,” he added.

Mills, twice mayor of the town of Ballymena, fired back, rejecting any suggestion his remarks would incite violence.

“Over many, many years I have dealt with, spoke to and done my best for people who were openly homosexual,” he told PA. “I have done all in my power to help them through life’s journey and sympathized with them. … This is me as an individual taking a stand for God.”

Homosexuals march in parade on Bourbon Street just days after Hurricane Katrina hit (courtesy San Antonio Express-News)

As WorldNetDaily reported, the damage left by Katrina did not stop homosexuals from partying, as less than a week after the disaster, while thousands of people were suffering from homelessness and hunger in their flooded city, a group of “gays” marched down Bourbon Street in the Big Easy.

A few days later, other homosexuals gathered in Lafayette, La., to hold what they called the Southern Decadence Parade in Exile.

October’s Hurricane Wilma which raked South Florida also delayed another homosexual debauchery event, the annual Fantasy Fest held in Key West.

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