Fox News, the media company whose hosts have staunchly defended the public use of the word “Christmas,” is raising eyebrows after posting a story on its website with the headline, “Holiday Trees Arrive at Capitol, White House.” headline and story discusses “Holiday trees” brought to Washington, D.C. (WND screen capture)

The story written by starts off with its lead sentence reading: “Two of the nation’s three branches of government were adorning themselves with more branches Monday as holiday trees were delivered to the Capitol and the White House.”

It was originally posted with a headline reading, “Government Branches Out for Holidays,” before being changed to the one noting “Holiday Trees.”

In a separate box of related stories, two headlines also fearture the H-word, declaring, “Jump-Start Your Holiday Shopping,” and “Energy Costs Could Decide Holiday Shopping Season.”

The text of the story mentions the word “Christmas” in the third paragraph stating, “First lady Laura Bush received the White House Christmas Tree, saying this year’s theme for the tree would be, ‘all things bright and beautiful.'”

When Reuters issued its version of the story, it used the headline, “White House Christmas tree arrives.”

An Associated Press story was titled, “Christmas Season Begins at White House.”

The 2001 National Christmas Tree took on patriotic colors in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks

The website story on comes at a time when the broadcast side of the company is doing many interviews concerning the public debate about Christmas in America.

One of the network’s hosts, John Gibson, has even written a book about the cultural divide about the annual celebration, titled, “The War on Christmas.”

In addition to the White House Christmas Tree, a tree is also erected in front of the U.S. Capitol. While it was originally called the Capitol Christmas Tree when the tradition began in 1964, in later years it has become known as the Capitol Holiday Tree.

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