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'Merry Christmas' boycott targets Sears

1910 Sears Christmas catalog

After declaring victory in a battle over “Merry Christmas” with Macy’s, an activist group has turned its attention to Sears, urging Americans to boycott the retail giant during this peak shopping season.

Sears has rejected several requests that “Merry Christmas” signs be returned and posted in stores and that its advertising acknowledge and respect the time-honored phrase, says the Committee to Save Merry Christmas.

As WND reported, the group launched a boycott in May 2004 against Macy’s and its umbrella Federated Department Stores, Inc., which operates more than 450 outlets in 34 states.

Pointing to a letter of agreement from Macy’s, the activist group’s chairman, Manuel Zamarano, said, “On behalf of every American who celebrates the real meaning of Christmas, we applaud Macy’s decision and hope other retailers will follow their lead.”

Zamarano now urges “pro-Christmas Americans” to avoid the “bah, humbug attitude” of Sears this Christmas shopping season.

“Sears is in need of an extreme makeover in regards to their discrimination and bias against Christmas,” said Zamorano. “Over the past several years, Sears has systematically removed references to Merry Christmas. Inviting us to shop for Christmas gifts, yet eliminating Merry Christmas, is offensive to the sensibilities of millions of average Americans.”

Tuesday, the home-improvement retailer Lowe’s dropped references to “Holiday Trees” in favor of “Christmas Trees” just one day after a WorldNetDaily story brought national exposure.

Also, after a series of reports by WND, Wal-Mart officials satisfied demands by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, which had called for a national boycott after accusing the chain of discriminating against Christmas while promoting other seasonal holidays by name, such as Kwanzaa and Hanukkah.

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