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China destroys church building

Nun wounded in Chinese government raid of Catholic Church (courtesy: China Aid Association)

The communist Chinese government bulldozed a Catholic Church building in Xi’an city, wounding 16 nuns.

The U.S.-based China Aid Association, citing “reliable sources,” said about 30 uniformed young men rushed into the church with wooden sticks in their hands at about 6 p.m. Nov. 22.

Two hours later, a bulldozer started tearing down the place of worship.

China Aid said officials from the government’s religious affairs bureau came to the site, and the destruction was halted until the next evening.

Then, about 40 uniformed young men armed with sticks started beating the nuns, who were defending the church building, China Aid said.

Sixteen nuns suffered severe wounds, including eye injuries and broken legs.

China Aid described the attackers as “government-hired gangsters.”

Still hospitalized are Dong Jianian, 41; Cheng Jing, 34; Yue Xiuying, 31; and Jin Hongfang, 34.

The other nuns beaten are Zhang Xueling, 45; Ren Aiying, 45; He Jingru, 38; Fan Xiujuan, 32; Jia Shuiyang, 50; Li Zhuanxia, 33; Li Min, 31; Li Zhenzhu, 45; Li Jiaoye, 32; Wang Zhenai, 42; Yang Cenghui, 50; and Zhao Shengyan, 40.

All Protestant and Catholic churches in China are required to be under control of the government, and groups that do not register – the vast majority – are labeled “illegal cults.”

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