To here his adoring supporters tell it, Stanley “Tookie” Williams is no longer a cold-blooded killer.

Years of living on death row has transformed this ruthless co-founder of the notorious “Crips” street gang into a passive peace-loving leader capable of inspiring the masses while saving countless young people from a life of crime with his children’s books, if only the state of California would spare his life.

Scheduled to die by lethal injection Dec. 13, no less than rapper Snoop Dogg, Jamie Fox, Mike Farrell and other entertainment notables have taken up Tookie’s cause, urging Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to commute Tookie’s death sentence so this pillar of the community can live on for the betterment of society.

Los Angeles resident Cheryl Denson, 40, told USA Today, “There’s so many children from my neighborhood … they have no hope. They need light, and Tookie Williams is their light.”

Adds Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers union, “We need to save him not only for himself, but for all of us and what he can teach us.”

“The Stanley Williams case is about a man who has done what I think is the most important thing a man can do in this country, and that is reach out to the youth of this country with books, with tapes …,” Williams lawyer, Peter Fleming, said outside the courtroom.

There is no better guy than Tookie to use as a positive role model, they seem to be saying.

Time to get real.

It is obscene to even suggest this cold-blooded, callous misfit of humanity is somehow deserving of life, especially after the manner in which he ruthlessly murdered four people in two separate killings two weeks apart in 1979.

In the first incident, a 23-year-old convenience store clerk, who no doubt would have rather been somewhere else earning a better living, was shot execution-style by Mr. Role Model after he and three other thugs stole $120 from the store’s cash register. Before leaving, “Big Took” stopped to mock the gurgling sounds being made by the dying clerk. In the second, our wannabe Dr. Seuss shotgunned to death a family of three.

When his proclamation of innocence didn’t hold up in court (thanks to an eyewitness and participant who turned state’s evidence and testified against him), our hero pulled the race card. As a black man, he was appalled there were no blacks on his jury, which assumed there were no other Los Angeles blacks who were appalled enough at what he had done to administer the lethal injection themselves.

Yes, it’s true: Tookie is no longer a cold-blooded gang killer. But the only reason he is not is because he was caught.

It isn’t easy to face death, but a real role model would not only do so like a man, he would say to his defenders, “Please don’t condone what I did. I was wrong and I should be held to account for my actions.”

He would apologize sincerely and profusely for causing so much pain and suffering to innocent victims and their survivors.

And he would never allow himself to be idolized by young people as though what he did was some sort of gallant feat.

Tookie has done none of these things. To this day he remains unrepentant.

Instead, this coward continues to defy decency by denying his own guilt. He steadfastly refuses to accept any responsibility for what he did.

Meanwhile, his Crips offspring still kill, maim and terrorize innocent American citizens and neighborhoods to this day. What a guy.

Should Stanley “Tookie” Williams die for his sins?

You betcha he should. He’s earned it.

And time’s a-wastin’.

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