The Georgetown Marriott Conference Center rejected a “terrorism” symposium on the grounds that the sponsoring organization was too controversial and the venue inappropriate for this type of forum. Concurrently, another Marriott Hotel in the Washington area is hosting the Council on American- Islamic Relations’ annual conference – and participating as a panelist at the gala will be an alleged coconspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

According to the Georgetown Marriott executives, the decision to reject the event, being hosted by the People’s Truth Forum, or PTF, was based upon business considerations: “The event would call for heightened security since protesters might be attracted from both the student body and off campus. These same protesters might block the front entrance leading to confrontations with hotel guests and/or room cancellations.”

After researching the matter, the Marriott’s corporate office supported the local decision and issued the following statement: “Due to the high density of Muslim students on campus, we’re afraid of the potential for violent protests, injured employees and damage to the facility.”

According to PTF’s president, Jeffrey Epstein, “The People’s Truth Forum, a fact-based, non-partisan organization, is dedicated to educating Americans on topics of national security. Controversy and resistance is nothing new to us given our commitment to disseminating ‘unpopular’ truths.”

Epstein added: “Although I don’t harbor ill feelings toward the Marriott Corporation for their weak-kneed ‘business’ decision pertaining to the Georgetown property, I am deeply troubled by the realization that a major American corporation could fear reprisal from enemy sympathizers, within our borders, during a time of war. This situation certainly begs the question as to what degree our national security has already been compromised.”

Today, CAIR will host its 11th Annual Banquet at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va.

CAIR is a self-proclaimed Muslim advocacy group that has its roots in the Palestinian Hamas. CAIR’s parent organization, the Islamic Association for Palestine, was founded by Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook. CAIR, itself, has had numerous individuals convicted in and/or deported by the United States for terrorist activity. And CAIR is the defendant in a lawsuit put forward by the family of a lead FBI agent for that agent’s murder during the September 11 attacks.

CAIR has advertised on its website that it will be featuring Siraj Wahhaj as one of the speakers at the banquet. Wahhaj, an imam at the At-Taqwa Mosque in Brooklyn, N.Y., is known for having his name on the U.S. attorney’s list of potential coconspirators of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Two of the individuals convicted in the bomb plot, Omar Abdel Rahman (the leader of the conspiracy) and Clement Rodney Hampton-El (an expert bomb maker), worshipped at Wahhaj’s mosque. Wahhaj was also a character witness for Abdel Rahman at the 1995 trial against him.

What does this say about our current state of affairs, when one of the largest American corporations is willing to silence an ally and give voice to the enemy? It says that we, as a nation, are on a dangerous path that only starts with appeasement, yet ends in our destruction. If the Marriott is a test case for the future consciousness of America, then we can be assured that we will have no future.

Joe Kaufman is the chairman of Americans Against Hate and the host of the “Politics of Terrorism” radio show.

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